Improving Third Ball Play After Service in Table Tennis

Nah, that was the emergency power back up charger getting the defib powered up and ready in case of emergency. i was knackered at the end of the video which was an hour into a 2 hour training session!!!!!
Oh to be young again!!!!
Oh , a geezer prep…Sounds like a club for me. 😃

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Jul 2019
some interesting stuff in this thread apart from the disputes.
I would suggest that apart from beefing up the accuracy and power of your topspin drives, It can be very beneficial to rethink what you understand by 3 ball attack. Back in the day a very strong team mate of mine, used to lecture me on not being
sufficiently attack minded when serving (and indeed receiving) he said I should try to have an attack idea no matter what shot I was playing. When I asked him to explain, instead of talking about my topspin he referred to the times when I pushed or played passive blocks. He maintained that when pushing one should always be looking for the optimal placement or using disguise to the optimum rather than just accepting the lack of drive opportunity. He himself was a traditional Jpen player and he lost no opportunity to apply pressure to his opponent even when under movement pressure himself. He did not mean that I should simply start pushing faster or longer but rather that when doing 3rd ball practice, and my partner played tight and short I should really work on the quality and direction of drop shots and fast deep or wide returns as being just as important as getting in with the big drive. It took a few months, but my game really benefited from his influence, until he went back to Japan.
Sadly, though these days I don't have the health or fitness to even dream of this kind of training.