Is it possible to improve with only robot training?

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Aug 2022
I use my robot a couple of times a week, I also practice/play with real people 2 evenings most weeks. I think the robot is really helpful, I believe it helps me improve. If I had to drop one or the other though, it would be the robot, there’s no real substitute for playing real people.
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Apr 2023
Ok, I have waited to render my opinion.

A few things:

One, robot is good to reverse bad habits. But you need to videotape yourself. You do NOT want to end up reinforcing bad habits/strokes so be careful about that.

Two, Seth Pech does have a very good video about using robot. He will have ball feeding to his forehand while he stands on his backhand side and run there, hit the ball and then recover back to the backhand side. That is a very good drill to use. Meaning you should alternate how your practice on the robot: say ten minute stationary drills and ten minute movement drills.

Three, robot is very helpful for you to practice how to return serve. When you do that, vary your return. For example, have the robot serve you side under spin. then you try to return it with a push short, then push long. Push to the opponent forehand side, middle, and backahd side. Then when more advanced, try to banana flip, etc. etc.

Four, with Power Pong, you can do random drills. In that situation, the robot can focus on your fitness.

You have to be an active, mindful participant in robot drills. If you can do that, robot can help you tremendously. I grew up with a Newgy robot. It was ok. I could have used it more. However, it was a lot of fun to have friends over and they love to play with the robot in our basement. Now I have kids. They and their friends are more addicted to Roblox rathe than ping pong robots. Lol.