Kim Jung Hoon teaches basic footwork for balls to FH

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Sep 2011
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Haha that was 896 bat you gave me.. I had played with it for 6 months or so before I changed to my current bat (Petr Korbel). Not only the bat, but also Dawei XP 2008 on my backhand, but soon later I realized that it only helped me block the ball well but couldn't help me gain my consistency in attacking offensively, and it turned out Tibhar Aurus could give me all feeling and fit in all strategies I need haha

XP 2008 isn't for everyone as we are all different. That rubber doesn't have a lot of pace, but it has control. I have a very fast blade speed at impact with good acceleration to make my spin. I value a slower allround rubber there. My BH drive rally shot close to the table is also very fast with a very short stroke. I do not need a fast rubber there, I can make almost any inverted rubber work well there, but prefer a slower rubber with more room for control. Not everyone on BH wing makes a very fast blade speed at impact, so XP 2008 will not send a ball out very fast or spinny with such a stroke.. That is why a lot of players initially like it, then move on to another rubber. Control good at first, but their stroke needs more speed at impact with a lot more wrist or lower arm snap. This is fine, everyone discovers what works for them by trying it out in practice and in matches.

I am glad you like Aurus. There is a lot to like about Aurus. Control, spin, feel, pace when you need it, confidence, decent low price for a modern rubber, longevity. Aurus is almost like a modern version of Sriver, but faster and just as dynamic. Aurus (like Sriver) works very well on just about any blade you slap it on. Aurus rewards full strokes, but is linear enough at slow touch for short control when you want it. Ironically, XP 2008 short control is GREAT, there is not a lot of rebound on light impact and it is more spin resistant than many rubbers, which results in good short control when you play that way.

I think KJH uses Evo series on his all wood blade, that is what / Nexy has been providing him when I was in Korea and saw him in action at Nexy HQ for a quick hit and consult with Pr Moon on a new blade. (the Tibhar KJH)
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