Meet up in the NY area the 9. or 10. July?

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Sep 2011
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I retired after 30 years of quadruple wear and tear on my body, and I finally got into a place where in USA where I can play regularly every day if I choose... and I DO. I get up at O-Dark Thirty (that is 5:30 AM for civilians) to do a full time job that doesn't even pay for rent where I live. I drag my sorry azz back home at a late hour and do it all over again. The life of a TT warrior is not always glamorous.

I reckon you have had selfless parents and have the same ethos if/when you get kid(s).

You will make it, you got a lot better chance than me, given your potential of time and energy and possible flexibility.
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Jun 2015
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Hey guys :)
Im still tired after playing for seven hours yesterday. I had a blast!
Despite the Jetlag i think i played well for my standarts.
Nl really packs a punch, you cant see that in the videos.
Now the rating comparisons to switzerlands system. I would put a 2000 player at 1000-1200 swiss rating points... But very hard to compare as the numbers arent linear.
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Dec 2010
The guy is definitely not 1500 , I am really glad for Boogar that he surprised him in the match play.
I couldn't record Boogar's best win which was his first league match vs a 1600 player. Zheng is almost 1800 and the medium pips guy is underrated at 1500 (I have played him so I know).
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