Multiball Training Setup

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Mar 2022
Getting into doing drills with some family members and we want to do some multiball training. Any good tutorial videos out there on feeding? If its anything like boxing with focus mitts I know the skill of the person feeding has a big impact on the effectiveness of training. Also was wondering is there any particular paddle setup that would be more beneficial for the feeder or should we just use our regular setups that we would play with?
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Sep 2013
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most coaches I know just save up old rubbers and make a feeder bat.
that is because they feed long hours and don't want to take life away from the main bat.

2 point forehand is a good forehand drill.
I am busy making a video about it, but for now, you can enjoy this playlist to see what high level juniors train with very basic drills.

other drills include 2 on the bh, 2 on the fh
then you can do the drop shot feed, than push the ball long, to work on in and out footwork movement

there is a lot to work on, most important is the footwork, and body movement, weight transfers.
hitting of the ball only comes afterwards, thus is the less important part of learning.