My Journey to reach the National Table Tennis Olympic Team! Join Me

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Mar 2019
Alright guys, I wont be updating until I reach a certain respected level because it seems like many are just fixated on my lofty goal rather than the journey of just coming back into the game after 15 years. I will update once I win some local tournaments and then post some videos of before after and then you're free to judge. I am contiuing to train 6 days a week 3 hours a day for few months before I can also train during 2nd session with other players.


Unfortunately, "former recreational player decides to start playing table tennis again" does not make for a particularly interesting story which people would want to follow. Now, trying for the national team does get attention, but based on the video you posted that is definitely not going to happen. So it would probably be best if you decide whether your journey is about "just coming back to the game after 15 years" or "making the national team and playing on the international stage". If it is the latter, you need to set more realistic goals. The national team is not going to happen, plain and simple. If you decide to go the regular practicing route, then I am not sure this deserves its own thread and you probably should post in the "Daily Chit Chat Thread". But keep practicing hard, and post your progress.
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Aug 2017
Come on, give the man a chance. I wish I had his drive and fighting spirit. Most of us have a good idea of how hard this will be. My 6 year old impresses me with his multi ball, I don't expect him to reach county/state level, would be nice though. There are obviously high quality Indian coaches and opposition/ training partners if you can access them. So good luck, to OP, enjoy it and I'll be interested to see the results whatever they are.