Returning to TT after 20 years, equipment advice for new ball and new style of play

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Dec 2023
Hi all, I'm playing TT again after 20 yrs, loving it. I started back with a Petr Korbel, T05 FH and T05 FX BH and found it very different to where I left the game, I think a lot has to do with the 'new' plastic ball.

I've since swapped out the T05 FH for a Glayzer 09C and flipped the bat to be using the T05 FX on FH and Glayzer on BH. I've a lot more control now and my game is up a couple of levels already.

I'd like some advice on moving to a carbon blade, my technique is pretty strong and would play against international players (was U-21 myself). Given the Glayzer is already starting to feel quite soft for my BH, I'm wondering if I should change that rubber for something just down a level from a T05 FX (T?, Rakza, ?, ?) or if I should upgrade to a carbon blade. The options are kind of daunting (and expensive to experiment) when reading reviews.

I've only been using the Glayzer 09C for 6 weeks, it's helped me win a lot more points but I really feel like I've outgrown it quickly as the fitness and technique is returning

I'd say my BH was previously my better side so I'd like to make use of it given the modern game. I'm just not used to the really short, nearly flick based BH technique yet.

So please suggest away! Change blade or change rubber again?