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Sep 2020
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5 out of 5 rating for Revoldia

Revoldia is something completely different ... Good speed ... But not in abuse ... Good control ... You need to adjust the technique a little because your spin bow is a little different, low trajectory... Good rigidity ... Um a little more vibration ... In general equipped with 09c and Dignics 80 it is cool ... Very comfortable to play ... I felt confident and liked it a lot ... I recommend ... It is a great blade
says + Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon with Aurus Prime and Omega...
says + Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon with Aurus Prime and Omega...
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Aug 2017
Read 4 reviews
5 out of 5 rating for Revoldia

Initial Impressions:
As soon as I received the package, I noticed a beautiful box with a white/creamish color and is a pleasure to watch. As I slide the inner compartment, I noticed that the blade is more beautiful than the box. The wings are polished and doesn't require sanding. My blade weighs 91g as I like it heavy.

I couldn't wait to try it out, slapped Dignics 05 on both sides.

During the weekend, I eagerly ran to the club and started to test the blade.

Practice Drills:
Kicked-off the test with slow forehand drives and the first thing that I noticed is, this feels like a wooden blade that is fast like a composite one. As I was playing after a long time (because of lockdown situation), most of my drives went long and I had less consistency. The blade felt head heavy rated at 2 on a scale of 5.

Once I got used to this feeling (approx. 15 minutes) of FH drives, I took a step back from the table and went for a big swing top-spin. It went long and I missed. The feeling I had during the topspin, was similar to acoustic carbon inner. I was not at all happy that I missed and I tried a big swing again with a minor angle adjustment; also went long and missed. I realized that this blade is not meant for big swings and I need a higher skillset to tackle this blade to make a big swing.

I decided to do a compact stroke (same step back from table) and Voila!, it landed on the table with a quality spin almost similar to a big swing, with less speed than I am used to. All compact strokes were of good quality spin and I had a satisfactory practice drill. I had a similar experience with Hinoki blades Darker Speed 90 and 7p2a.7t. Big swings did not work on those as well.

The sweet spot on this blade is huge and I did not have any bad experience when the ball hit on the ends.

The blade has a medium-low throw and I am sure that this blade will not work well with harder sponges without boosters. (p.s. I consider Garaydia T5000 as low throw). I feel that I made a mistake by slapping Dignics05 and should've gone for Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 80. This doesn't mean that Dignics05 is not compatible with this blade, just a personal preference. The blade feels soft on finger as well as palms.

Next thing I wanted to see is how it performs on touch and serves; hence, I started off with a slow backspin serve and it didn't go long (as I had expected). The ball stayed on the table with a quality spin. My practice partner was surprised and mentioned that this blade is unique. Touch shots were nice, short and close to the net. I spent a good time on touch shots on the table and did some flicks.

I spent almost 2 hours practicing with the blade and decided to go for a match and see how it performs.

Match Play
As my opponent saw the performance of the blade during serves, I decided not to spin for the first game and will unlock that during the next game. I decided to go with all no spin/less spin serves within the table and focus on the rally, ball placements get points in a technical way; this worked beautifully and won the first match.
Second match, I decided to go aggressive top-spin and counter top-spin game, with no spin-serves; I lost 2 points as I forgot the key "no big-swings". I managed to continue rallies; ultimately lost the game as most of my top-spins went long despite of short-compact strokes.

Third match, I decided to go with "spin everything" strategy. My opponent was surprised with the spin potential; he couldn't receive my serves as he usually does and was disturbed throughout the game. Heavy spin loops were efficient and he couldn't block it. During this game, I had a beautiful moment I'd like to share. Game score was 7-1 up, it was my serve, I had planned to do a side-top spin serve to get a high ball to attack it and win.
I served and got a high ball on extreme FH side, I attacked it with a high speed, less spin drive and he managed to block it to my BH side. I was out of position to attack it with BH top-spin and decided to chop the ball; the ball landed on the table with great spin near the net and my opponent couldn't return and drops it on the net. I was surprised what wonders this blade could do.


This blade is not meant for beginners, and requires a high skill/technical knowledge to fully utilize its potential. It is a flexible blade with lot of gears. It has a slight vibration to it and I fear that low weight blade (below 85g) may have a hollow feeling. Mine did not have. Passive blocks wont work on this blade, you have to be active all the time to utilize its potential. Hard rubbers are a big big no, if you do not boost it.

This blade is unique and has a similar performance like hinoki all wood blades. Spinners and Loopers, this is one of the holy grail blades for you.