SANWEI paramid

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This is an answer from sanwei official: Paramid 丝印.png is an inner carbon fiber blade.

The structure is

Para-aramid carbon fiber is the best carbon fiber ping pong paddle. Although it looks similar to the ALC, the Para-aramid fiber carbon can give you a more comfortable feeling. when I use Paramid 丝印.pngto loop, it could give me a very fast second speed and a good arc.

Of course, also recommend you read other professional reviews. Hope my answer will be helpful,
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Oct 2019
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I have used this for a couple of training sessions. My usual blade is Yinhe - V14 Pro, and compared to that, Paramid is a faster blade. It's really nice when attacking and it works good with my normal rubbers (DHS - H3 41deg & Yinhe - Big Dipper 38deg). The only issue I have is that it's a tiny bit too fast for me. The inner Para-aramid carbon gives a softer feeling compared to my outer ALC V14 Pro, and the Paramid has a really special hollow sound when hitting the ball.