Backhand rubbers upgrade suggestions

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Feb 2024
I'm currently using yinhe moon 12 blue on backhand, did 'downgrading' myself for few months to get back the feeling/confidence on my weak bh side after long hiatus postcovid pandemic. Now I thought generally I'm improving on bh side but as time goes by, I felt like I need more power on backhand side (esp far from table) since my old injury on my right hand side gotten triggered if I need to really rip up my bh.

So any suggestion from you guys for upgrading the rubber, this rubber really brought back the feeling on my bh but I think I need something with more power.
I'm not going to jump up to high end/pricey rubbers, but prefer to slowly build my skills with mid range price rubbers first.

*Blade = sanwei f3 pro.
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Feb 2024
I was in the same position a while ago.
As a 729 fanboy from decades ago, I took the safe route and looked for the (apparent) best rubbers they offered when I came back.

I went with Battle 2 Provincial Blue (39) on forehand and because I didn't know any better, Battle 2 Provincial (38, the orange sponge) on backhand.

Since I still didn't realise tacky backhands weren't ideal, the next one I discovered was the Battle 2 Provincial soft 37 a month or so later. Honestly, what a nice backhand that was, even on a hard, zero dwell T11S.

Though I'm still not sure why tacky isn't good on backhand, I'm giving into peer pressure. After a bit of digging, and a bit of bat testing/selling, I'm about to try the closest thing I could afford to the current META of tensor-like BH: Gold Arc 8 50 (on a V14 Pro, with Battle 3 40 on the forehand). We'll see how that goes...
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