Stiga Infinity VPS upgrade path

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Dec 2023
I'm looking around for my next blade and rubbers. The one I'm using now is a Stiga Infinity VPS blade with Joola Rhyzm-Tech 2.1 FH and Rhyzm 2.1 Backhand.
Iv mostly been liking it but feel its a bit too slow.
Tragically a couple weeks ago during a short ball attempted save the edge and the blade hit the corner of the table and the bottom of the blade delaminated a good cm up the blade...
So now I'm looking for a replacement. The club I play in mostly only use their old blades except for 2 using Joola Trinity and Freeze, which are out of my wallets reach :p so not many blades for me to test... So then I turn to the forum oracles :)
What Im looking for is something similar feeling to the Infinity VPS, but a bit quicker. I like the feel and feedback from the Infinity VPS, and f.ex the freeze felt a bit too stiff? Also tried a Joola Wing Carbon but that felt WAY to stiff...
What I'm leaning towards now is Cybershape Carbon with Mantra Pro M and H rubbers? Which as I understand has a similar flex to the VPS??? At least according to revspin :p
Any other blades I should be looking at? I'm looking at a budget around 300-350 including rubbers.
Tnx for any tips
Best regards