Timo Boll training and eating Peking-Duck

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Jul 2012
Hi guys :),
Timo Boll posted 2 new videos of himself training and eating Peking-Duck in Germany (I think this was made about 1 week before London 2012)
I dont't have the time to do English subtitles (the vids are German), but her some information about them ;)
h t tp://videos.t-online.de/so-trainiert-timo-boll/id_58212544/index = This is about his training, he says that he wakes up at ~8.00 AM and the training starts at 10.30 AM in Düsseldorf. Also, he trained more playing tabletennis but now half of his training is physically...

h t tp://Cutin.de/PyR = This vid shows Timo eating Peking-Duck in his favorite restaurant. Also he says, that his live in Germany is relatively normal but if he would life in China this wouldn't be like this, cause there TT is very famous....

Info : There is a short commercial clip before the videos
Hope you enjoy it :)
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