WTT Champions Frankfurt 2023

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Jun 2018
It would've been much nicer to list the whole thing instead. Those players were responsible for imitating Lee Ho Ching, Doo Hoi Kem and Cheng I-Ching. From the order, it's obvious they are dead last and so considered to pose the least threat.

List released circa 2017/5/11, between ATTC 2017 and WTTC 2017.
Hirano Miu: Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, Chen Xingtong, Liu Ming
Ito Mima: Zhang Rui
Ishikawa Kasumi: Chen Ke, Gu Yuting
Hayata Hina: Liu Gaoyang, Wen Jia
Kim Song I, Suh Hyo Won, Kim Kyung Ah: Hu Limei, Liu Fei
Li Jie, Li Qing: Wu Yang
Petrissa Solja, Elizabeta Samara: Wen Jia, Liu Gaoyang, Gu Yuting
Feng Tianwei: Feng Yalan, Gu Ruochen
Yu Mengyu: Yuan Xuejiao, Guo Yan (not that Guo Yan)
Hou Meiling (AKA Hu Melek): Sun Mingyang, Zhang Rui
Lee Ho Ching, Doo Hoi Kem, Cheng I-Ching: Gu Ruochen, Wang Yidi, Li Xiaodan, Li Jiayi, Che Xiaoxi, Liu Xi, Guo Yan


Hirano and Miyazaki's comments after learning about the list.

Hirano: "I'm getting the attention of China? That's very interesting! My goal is to beat them again at the WTTC in Dortmund. China is no longer as strong and intimidating in my eyes."
Miyazaki: "Other than Ding Ning, no one from China can match Hirano."

Thanks for sharing this! My initial question was around how many (5/10/20 players?) and if the mimicking is specific to more unique styles. Ito makes sense as thats not and everyday style – in comparison to Hayata for example. So what is the real benefit? Apart from preperation and crossing the T's and dotting the I's so to speak.
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Jun 2018
Is Team Sky a national team?

I think with national team is, you think of it as representing your country.
If you are hire by Team Lin Yunju, then that is a bit different to promote into the national team, but then, to become his assistant (and then not get paid for the work of being an assistant)

But I guess, someone is paying the team sky cyclist and the CNT players. No different to someone paying the bench players in NBA.

Never the less, table tennis is on the decline in China where fulling stadiums became a problem even before covid 19 hit.
and that is not good.
Yes and no - so by definition Team Sky were a proffesional cycle team (now Ineos Grenadiers) but when they were Team Sky they were the base of Team GB. The main GB riders rode for them and coaches. But different non-the-less.

The representing your country point is interesting though - as if your country calls, no doubt you would jump through more hoops than on a professional club level.

The decline aspect will mean the gulf being narrowed - but that wont be a good thing for TT.

EDIT: interestingly on the Team Sky Wikipedia page they list Olympic medals as successes.
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says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
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Jan 2018
For future reference, below is the list for Rio 2016.

Fukuhara Ai: He Zhuojia
Ito Mima: Zhang Rui, Mu Zi
Ishikawa Kasumi: Gu Yuting, Wen Jia
Feng Tianwei: Wang Yidi, Chen Xingtong
Yu Mengyu: Che Xiaoxi, Ren Hao (male)
Zhou Yihan: Guo Yan (not that Guo Yan), Fan Siqi
Han Ying: Wu Yang, Liu Ziqian (male)
Petrissa Solja: Liu Gaoyang
Shan Xiaona: Yan Sheng (male)
Suh Hyo Won: Liu Fei
Jeon Jihee: Wen Jia, Chen Ke
Yang Ha Eun: Liu Xi, Guo Yan
Lee Ho Ching: Sheng Dandan, Gu Ruochen
Doo Hoi Kem: Wang Manyu, Wang Yidi
Tie Yana: Sheng Dandan, Chen Xingtong
Ri Myong Sun, Kim Song I: Hu Limei
Ri Mi Gyong: Liu Gaoyang, Gu Yuting
Cheng I-Ching: Gu Ruochen, Liu Xi
Chen Szu-Yu: Wang Yidi, Che Xiaoxi
Huang Yi-Hua: Chen xingtong, Yuan Xuejiao
Li Jie: Wu Yang, Liu Ziqian
Britt Eerland: Guo Yan, Fan Siqi