View Full Version : ITC Powercell P5 Rubber and Premier XC Blade Review

06-12-2018, 04:46 PM
Hey TTD!

Here's our latest review on the ITC Powercell P5 Rubber and Premier XC Blade. This is the first time we have tried out the ITC gear, hope you enjoy the review :)


More reviews of the Powercell P5 and Premier XC blade in the TTD Review Centre:
Powercell P5 Rubber (https://www.tabletennisdaily.com/equipment/rubbers/17951-powercell-p5)
Premier XC Blade (https://www.tabletennisdaily.com/equipment/blades/17952-premier-xc)

Have you, or do you use these rubbers? Any questions, leave below guys :)

06-12-2018, 06:24 PM
Thanks for your review, as always!

Do you guys plan to do more ITC products review? They have some quite interesting blades and rubbers.
I'm particularly interested on Ultra 45/48 rubbers.
Their Pemier XR/ XR blades are also very interesting, since they are an inner type carbon fiber/ fiber with white ash as outer ply with burned core (or so it seems), very uncommon.

Thanks again!

06-13-2018, 01:36 AM
Real nice!
When are you guys doing the H301, the Battle2 and the AK47? :)