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    Nov 2020
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    OSP Blades

    hello everybody ! I made a search and didn’t find any topic about all the proposition of OSP Blades.
    I discover this trend 8 years ago. I had already heard about it but didn’t try myself. When the plastic ball came in, I was reaaaally annoyed 😥
    All my game is about spin, trying to close service and return in order to place heavy topspin and finish the point after. And I struggled very hard to be used to this new ball…
    OSP saved my game ! The first thing I can tell about these blades is that they allow to put very heavy spin on the ball. When I picked my first OSP blade, a Ultimate, it was a liberation for me. I could finally play like I always did !
    Of course, as long as I was training, I have been able to get used to this f… ball after all. But the first light in the dark really came from OSP.

    I bought several blades from OSP after, depending of what style I wanted to play, more controlled, more offensive… I even had a defensive style period… I always could fine a OSP to fit my game. Now I am back to the blades I have always loved, 7 plis wood blades similar to Clipper, DHS 506 (played it 5 years before OSP) : OSP Ultimate 2, or Martin AC (aramid carbon outer).
    The blade on the photos is the one of my son, a Cpen Origo which is the one-to-go blade for beginners or allround players (my son is 10). I let you look at the astonishing quality of handcraft… and all the blades give its level of quality, not only the more expansive ones.

    I want to be clear : I am not endorsed, I am a intermediate level regional player in France, nor am I payed by OSP. Robert Palatinus, the OSP boss and worker, became a friend along the years, because of my loving his work, because of his constance on quality, and because of his sympathy. So I talk about his work on forums… he really deserve it ! And he gave me confidence to organize « test tours » of his new blades, here in France.
    Then, I have good knowledge of his blades, fabrication, different models… you can ask me if you have questions !
    Here is the OSP blades link :

    I hope it is allowed, don’t wanna make advertising, just create a place where we can talk about this trend.😉

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    Oct 2022
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    Hi Guys,
    I would like to share my thoughts about my OSP blades.I own two blades from OSP, Virtuoso + and Virtuoso Off-. My teammate has OSP Expert 2 blade and I was in a good position to try and compare these 3 blades during our training sessions.

    1, Virtuoso +
    Let`s start with Virtuoso +. I contacted Robert (OSP owner) seeking more information about his blades. I played with Butterfly Korbel (Japanese one) for a while, so I wanted to purchase something similar 5 Ply wood blade like Korbel. Robert recommended Virtuoso + and I ordered my first blade from OSP.
    Virtuoso + : Size S , 157mmx 150mm, 85.2 grams, Flared. (I requested light-ish blade around 85 grams) Lead time was 1 week.
    I was really surprised when the blade arrived. The Quality of the blade was absolutely fantastic. The surface of the blade was very smooth, everything was rounded, no sharp edges, the handle was very comfortable and the Finish was exceptional. I own many blades from different TT brands, but I cannot compare any of them with OSP. The craftmanship of the blade is superb, the Quality is just on different level, first class, premium design.
    I started to play with Virtuous +. My TT style is controlled offensive from mid distance and close to the table. I like looping/top spinning a lot and pushing, driving and blocking close to the table. I can do everything with this blade. I put medium hard Baracuda rubber on it (both sides) and I was able to generate enormous spin with mid-high arc. Short game was difficult first time, so I had to adopt. Sometimes I pushed the ball too long. Virtuoso + is fast wood blade with good control and feedback. I felt the blade was slightly head heavy.
    However, I like experimenting with different blades, so I ordered a Virtuoso Off – blade as well.

    2, Virtuoso OFF-
    Virtuoso Off- : Size M, 158mm-150mm, 86grams, Flared (Weight requested by me) (Baracuda FH, Joola Rhyzen Ice BH)
    I wanted to improve my short game close to the net and ball placement. I received my 2nd OSP blade with the same high-quality finish.
    IF I compare V- with V+, I would say:
    Virtuoso OFF- blade a little bit slower blade, it is more flexible, less stiff and the control is amazing. The feedback and vibration are just perfect for me on the handle. I really like it. Dwell time is longer than V+ and I can initiate huge spin anytime with this blade. Looping with mid-high arc feels natural. Short game is better as well, ball placement is fantastic due to the increased control. Very easy to play with V-. I requested a slightly narrower Flared handle than Virtuoso + and Robert delivered this. Handle was more comfortable with smooth finish.

    3, Expert 2
    I have played with Expert 2 for one hour only. Size M , Flared. (Baracuda FH, Joola Rhyzen Ice BH.)
    Expert 2 is slower than V- but the control is better. Fantastic blade , feedback , vibration, control were excellent. However, I had to work hard from mid distance and far from the table. Obviously the blade is slower and you need physical strength, more power to keep the ball on the table. Apart from that, I had positive experience with Expert 2.

    My favourite is the Virtuoso off - , which suits to my level and style at this moment.Obviously everyone can find different kind of blades on OSP website, lots of choices available whatever you prefer or fit your game or level. I prefer wood blade, it is the best choice for me.

    My best experience with OSP was the customization of the blade. I requested minor modification about the handle size, I determined the weight, the head size and there was an opportunity to play with the centre of the gravity of the blade. The blade was designed for me and this kind of personal touch means a lot. Communication was excellent, Robert really can help you to find your perfect blade which match your playing style.
    I am really happy with my OSP experience and I would highly recommend OSP blades to everyone.

    Many thanks

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    Nov 2020
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    I wrote a loooooong answer and I deleted it by mistake 😫
    Very good review. The Virtuoso is probably the most emblematic blade from OSP. It is an absolute one-to-go for a tospin controlled game, close to the table or 1m50 from it. Very easy for opening strokes, much spin on the ball, very easy to manage the short game. The blade is not so stiff so it may be less easy to block hard topspins, for that the Virtuoso+ is far better (but less easy in topspin, on the other side). Again, to make the point with hard topspins, you have to give yourself the power to the ball.

    A new deal is the Virtuoso AC, which is a Virtuoso with two plies of arylate carbon close to the core (inner construction).
    It keeps a woody feeling, and the opening strokes from the Virtuoso, very good short game too, but helps you much to accelerate the ball in topspin, and is more consistent in blocks and counter strokes. It’s a modern version from the Virtuoso, more versatile and efficious at higher level.

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