1. Korean Amateur TT Clubs - Teams Championships Final Dec 2019

    I found a vid on a teams championship for amateur Korean TT Club Teams... not surprising is Park Ji-Soo lady 2x inverted player is in the middle of the TROUBLE. These are handicap matches... so if someone got a 3 pt handicap, it is likely they were a Div 3 player facing a Div 1 player.
  2. can I play world championships with this?
  3. Open Championships Movie

    Hello;) I would like to share with You a movie recorded by me almost a year ago. These are Open Championships of Makow Mazowiecki. Makow Mazowiecki is a small town where I live. Championships are organized by TT club where I play. We compete in the 5th regional league. As I said before it's a...
  4. Wang chuqin China national championships blade

    Guys what blade and rubbers did wang chuqin for the china national championships. it doesnt look like a viscaria
  5. World Championships of ping-pong 2020 final?

    Does anybody know where I can see the video of the World Championships of ping-pong 2020 final? It’s usually on YouTube but I can’t find it this year. Thanks in anticipation :-)
  6. Various national championships 2020

    Hello, I suggest to post here videos and results from various national championships. As I know there are many countries that had their nationals this weekend! We also had and I have some beautiful matches to share.. Czech republic made quite nice work around and I am posting semifinals and...
  7. Prize money at your national championships

    Just read on that the winner of the forthcoming National Championships will pocket 1000 pound and the runner-up 500. This is an increase of 25% due to a new sponsor. Personally I think it's still derisory and a real embarrassment for the top players. What about the...
  8. 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships

    This Thread mad for all the updates of 2020 World Team Table Tennis Championships Busan please participate and update any news ;) You can also join our Facebook Group update with all the ongoing news and event
  9. What To Look Out For In 2020

    The new decade is set to start off with an incredible year of table tennis. The World Tour has a sensational 12 events to look forward including 6 Platinum events in Germany, Qatar, Japan, China, Australia, Austria. Also, this year we have the Continental Cup/Top 16 competitions which always...
  10. World Junior Championships (WJTTC) 2019 in Karat, Thailand

    Need a thread for this. USA boys and girls made it to the QF. US boys lost a spirited match to Chinese Taipei (3‐2). US girls lost to Japan (3‐1) with Amy Wang living up to her billing and upsetting Miyu Nagasaki (depending on which ranking system gives you the favorite).
  11. Gauzy's crazy backhand sidespin [Boll vs Gauzy | MT-SF | 2019 European Championships]

    Point beginning at 0:55:
  12. European Team Championships 2019

    European Team Championships 2019, 3rd-8th September, Nantes, France The European Championships are back! This year it's Nantes turn to stage the event! The previous championships saw the German Men's Team Germany defeat Portugal in the final. In the women's team event Romania pulled off an...
  13. Payment Problem tickets European Championships

    As the title says, I have some problems with the website of the tournament. I am sure my Visa is fine, and they do not accept any other methods. I have two questions: Did anybody experience the same problem? Do I need to hurry because the event will be sold out towards the start?
  14. ITTF-ATTU Asian Table Tennis Championships 2019

    The biennial affair will take place between 15 to 22 September in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. There will be 7 events in total – Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Women's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Women's Team and Men's Team. As of 12 September, the following line-ups have been announced...
  15. World Veteran Championships 2020 in Bordeaux (France) Don't miss a unique chance to play your favourite game AND visit the most beautiful country in the world at the same time (says a Frenchman) !!
  16. European Team Championships 2019 - Qualification matches

    I found out that this topic full of matches is missing here.. So I created it and I am adding matches that I got ;-) SVK vs. BLR from December 4th 2018.. First match: Pištej vs. Yarashenka: Then Šereda vs. Khanin: Valuch vs. Shamruk: And last match: Pištej vs. Khanin:
  17. Liu Guoliang on whos better: Jan Ove Waldner or Ma Long!

    Last weekend saw Ma Long claim gold at the 2019 World Championships. This is the third World Championship title Ma Long has secured in his career, bringing up the question among many fans, does this make Ma Long the greatest table tennis player of all time? Well one person had their say, Liu...
  18. ITTF President On New Rubber Colours & More | TableTennisDaily Podcast #3

    Hey everyone! We're live at the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest doing podcasts with key figures and players in the sport. Here's our third podcast with the ITTF president Thomas Weikert. Thomas Weikert talks to us about the recent rule changes, different colour rubbers, prize...
  19. The 2019 World Table Tennis Championships Draw Revealed!

    The draw for the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships took place this morning revealing some potentially huge showdowns. Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong - Photo via ITTF Flickr The most notable possible showdown is between the number 1 seed Fan Zhendong and number 11 seed Ma Long. The two players...
  20. World Table Tennis Championships 2019

    We are now in the lead up to the 2019 World Table Tennis Championships! It's time for all the best players in the world to come together and make an impact on the global scene. The forthcoming World Championships will be staged in Hungary from Monday 21st April to 28th April 2019. Full topic...