1. Xiom Vega Europe

    Does the Xiom Vega Europe rubber come with additional film protection sheets or do I have to purchase them separately? Thanks.
  2. 2020 Europe Youth Top-10

    Evento info: Livestream: Day 1: Day 2: Day 3...
  3. WTB Xiom Omega 7 Hyper in Europe

    I'm looking for to buy Xiom Omega 7 Hyper in Europe of course new from an internet on line seller?
  4. Europe Top 16 Cup - 2020

    The 2020 Europe Top 16 Cup has commenced (8-9th February). This 2 day event will takes in Montreux, Switzerland. Germany's Timo Boll the leads the men's singles standings. Main Draw Knockouts Men's Singles Seeds Sweden's Mattias Falck enters the Europe Top 16 as the #1 seed - Photo by...
  5. Where to buy the cheapest clothing sending to europe???

    Where do you guys ordering your clothing from. Where from is the cheapest and from a shop sending to europe?? Im looking for cloth from brands like Andro, Donic and Tibhar
  6. NEW: National Table Tennis Video Holland!

    Hello there! I want to share a video with you. A video with national second division table tennis, two levels below the top level in the Netherlands. All players in the video are at least among the top 150 players in the Netherlands. Enjoy watching, and... reactions are always welcome! :cool:
  7. Who has the best FH in Europe?

    Who do you think has the best Forehand in Europe?
  8. Europe Top 16 (2019)

    The 2019 Europe Top 16 Cup is fast approaching and begins on the 2nd February and concludes on the 3rd February. This 2 day event will take place in Montreux, Switzerland. Germany's Timo Boll the leads the men's singles standings. Main Draw Coming soon... Men's Singles Seeds Germany's...
  9. DHS Hurricane Long 5 + T05 (FH) 2.1mm + Xiom Vega Europe (BH) 2.0mm

    I got back into table tennis about 6 months ago after nearly 20 years of absence from this sport. I had played for about one year when I was in Grade 7, and since then I have not really touched the sport. I immediately got hooked up again and I feel like currently I'm in that phase of "wanting...
  10. Stiga to open a webstore for Europe

    So, Stiga followed DHS and is opening a webstore starting next week :) Let's wait and see what the prices and shipping costs will be.
  11. Sanwei Target Europe 40+ vs DHS Gold ARC 8 - youtube

  12. Europe Top 16 Cup 2018

    Live streaming: Timo Boll vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov: The 2018 Europe top 16 Cup is fast approaching and begins on the 3rd February and concludes on the 4th February. The event will take place in Montreux...
  13. 2018 Europe Youth Olympic Qualification

    2018 Youth Olympic Qualification Truls Moregard vs Cristian Pletea (Unbelivable Match!!!!)
  14. 2017 Europe Youth Top-10

    The 2017 Europe Youth Top-10 (8-10 Sep, 2017 - Worcester, ENG) Junior Boys: Cristian Pletea, Ioannis Sgouropoulos, Rares Sipos, Irvin Bertrand, Artur Abusev, Yang Xinyu, Tom Jarvis, Denis Ivonon, Tobias Hippler, Florian Cnudde. Junior Girls: Adina Diaconu, Ning Jing, Mariia Tailakova, Andreea...
  15. TableTennisDaily visit Butterfly Europe HQ!

    Hey guys, Last week I got the lucky chance to visit the Butterfly Europe Headquarters, what an incredible place! I was not allowed to take many photos, but heres what I took below :) We discussed some potential upcoming reviews and videos with pro Butterfly players. I will keep you posted on...
  16. Europe CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Fantasy League

    Hi all, I want to try and create Fantasy League for Europe CHAMPIONS LEAGUE games that start on September 28. We had this last year and it was fun. I collected all the players names, including world rank, and put it in excel file. Since the file upload limit is very small, I can't upload the...
  17. A For Sale-For Trade scammer has been hitting sites all over Europe.

    I am the For Sale moderator at MyTT, as well as a frequent contributor here, as many of you will know. Over at MyTT our latest scammer has victimized at least two members. I don't usually post here on the relatively rare occasions that we have someone like that over there, but I have now...
  18. why europe sucks so bad?

    the clubs stop now and they don't come back until mid september. and when they do train, they don't really train. they drink beer, they sit down and chat..... it's like people have so little motivation. opinions?
  19. Insane recovery from Timo Boll - 2017 Europe Top 16!

    You do not see this shot very often! An insane recovery from Timo Boll at the recent Europe Top 16 which left Andrej Gacina stranded! Just check out the spin on that ball!
  20. Simon Gauzy and Shibaev Bust Up at Europe Top 16

    What's your thoughts on this situation? Was Shibaev's hand shake disrespectful?