1. Yoo Nam Gyu and Seo Hyo Won doubles Exhibition Match vs Busan TTers

    Hi All, Some top level goofing off with Yoo Nam Gyu being the joker here. Yoo Nam Gyu asks for, and is granted a YELLOW CARD on himself for goofing off. Enjoy.
  2. Exhibition Fight with Timo Boll, Evgueni Chtchetinine and others

    In celebration of the 70th anniversary of our club we figured we would do something special and invited two legends of the sport, Timo Boll and Evgueni Chtchetinine, to our own little coliseum. Coupled with two of our own, Jorge Campos and Lorenz Schaefer – the former represented Cuba in the Rio...
  3. Homburg exhibition January 11th 2018 (Boll,Karlsson,Filus,Franziska)

    Hello everyone! I got a great materials from exhibition from Homburg. I am uploading now the first one I got, I have 2 more, but those I will post after I will reach 1000 subscribers, which is my long-time goal. Its hard to achieve, because mostly when I post a good video, youtubers only...
  4. EXHIBITION DEVOS BROTHERS - Laurens and Robin

  5. Zhang jike and Liu Shiwen 's Exhibition game in Silk Road Games Opening Ceremony 2017

    On 2017 November 11th Guoping Olympic Champions Zhang Jike and Liu Shiwen and also Feng Yalan ,Chian Tianyi , Xu Haidong and other state players attended the 2017 Silk Road Cup China - Asian Table Tennis Championship Tournament Opening Ceremony in Guangxi . China and 11 countries were...
  6. Zhang jike in auto shanghai exhibition 2017 ( photos )

    Zhang jike was in international Automobile exhibition which was held in shanghai on 2017/04/17 .
  7. Insane Exhibition between Timo Boll and Jorgen Persson 2016!

    In front of the Timo's home crowd in Germany today at the World Cup, Boll took on Swedish Legend Jorgen Persson in an exhibition match before the men's singles final. You can watch the final between Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin here. To the spectators delight, this turned out to be one of the...
  8. Ma Long vs Xu Xin Exhibition Match 2016!

    Heres a recent exhibition between Rio Olympic Champion Ma Long and team mate Xu Xin! The two get up to all sorts of tricks, playing with 3 balls and even Zhang Jike brings Ma Long a chair to sit on! Check it out!
  9. Jan Ove Waldner Exhibition Top 10 Points!

    Jan Ove Waldner has retired, I have made a compilation of his top 10 best points in exhibitions. See the video below:
  10. Jean-Michel SAIVE New Exhibition 2015 | Mini Table on the Table

    Here is a new Exhibition of Jean-Michel Saive with Benjamin Rogiers end July 2015 ! The show is 33 min long, enjoy !
  11. Amazing exhibition point by Boll and Persson!

    Jorgen Persson is famous for his stunning exhibitions with the great Jan Ove Waldner! This time around however Persson and Timo Boll took part in an extraordinary, funny point in the FM Munzer Super Cup in Lingen. Timo Boll moves the table at one point! Watch the spectacular point below! Timo...
  12. Amazing old school Exhibition in 1990!

    What do you think of this old school exhibition Betwer Jacques Secretin and Vincent? [/SIZE][/COLOR]
  13. Waldner & Persson Exhibition at Fusion TTC

    Jan Ove Waldner & Jorgen Persson Exhibition 2014 at the Fusion TTC in London! Hey Everyone, Last month on the 10th of August 2014, TopspinSports had the pleasure to have the worlds greatest players, Jan ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson open their new 24/7 Central London Table Tennis venue...
  14. Jan Ove Waldner & Persson Exhibition 2014

    Jan Ove Waldner & Jorgen Persson Exhibition 2014 Hey Everyone, Last weekend on the 10th of August 2014, TopspinSports had the pleasure to have the worlds greatest players, Jan ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson open their new 24/7 Central London Table Tennis venue, Fusion TTC. As Waldner and...
  15. Ma Long & Xu Xin Exhibition 2013!

    As Ma Long and Xu Xin qualified for the WTTC through the China Trials, Liu Guoliang arranged the two boys to take part in an exhibition. The Chinese National Team players took part in an exhibition displaying all kinds of exceptional skills and tricks in the Zhenjiang Dagang Sports Stadium...
  16. Exhibition matches

    Hi guys, One thing I noticed is that exhibition matches in table tennis are far in between. It's extremely hard to see pro TT players getting together and play TT for a good cause. We see a lot in tennis and football, but not TT. Imagine veteran players like Liu, WLQ, Persson, Schlager, Kong...
  17. Exhibition Anyone? ;)

    Check this out :D
  18. Latest Schlager and Maze exhibition

    The link below is the latest video clip of an exhibition match between Werner Schlager and Michael Maze Photo by: Michael Maze Website
  19. Obama and David Cameron play Table Tennis!!!

    Today, Barack Obama visited England to meet prime minister David Cameron. The two met and had a game of table tennis with London Academy Students. Photo: Charles Dharapak / AP Obama and Cameron met at 10 Downing St, and the two leaders went on a limo ride to the Globe Academy in London's...
  20. Latest Jan Ove Waldner Exhibition

    Hey guys, heres the latest Jan Ove Waldner exhibition provided by TheDrumTTC. The rallies are mind blowing!! Part 1 Part 2