1. How can I improve my forhand and backhand consistency.

    Dear mentors, Would anyone review my forehand and back hand technique, how can i improve? My blade: timo boll alc Rubber forehand : rakza 9 Back hand: tenergy 05 Myself: yellow color t shirt, my friend is opposition. Would highly grateful of you also review my friends style. Regards...
  2. Need Help Choosing a New Forehand Rubber (pls)

    Hey guys this is my first post on Table Tennis Daily *round of applause*! I really need you guys' opinions on a topic that I have been having a dilemma with lately. I'm talking about sleepless nights waking up in cold sweat kind of vibe. Ok, I'm exaggerating but I did once dream about this...
  3. My forehand issue

    Hello, I am a 13-year-old boy who plays for the Turkish national team, while everything was normal until about 2 months ago, I had to leave training for 3-4 weeks as a result of a minor injury, when I returned, there was a visible deterioration in my forehand side, all my forehand hits were...
  4. Forehand Loop against UNDERSPIN Technique

    Hey all, here's a video about looping underspin. It's only 10 minutes, but I tried to pack as much information as I could in. Please let me know what you think and share the video/subscribe if you like it!
  5. Ma Long Forehand Loop (Topspin) | Weight Transfer Analysis

    Hello guys, I made another video on chinese forehand loop. Check it out :)
  6. Various Forehand topspin techniques

    Hello TTD!, First of all I want to thank you on feedback on my last video :) In this video I compared various arm positions in forehand topspin. My conclusion is that there is no wonder why chinese are so much strong in their attacking game.
  7. Aiming with the forehand topspin

    I was hoping for a little help on the correct / alternative techniques for placement or aiming with the forehand topspin. How does the action change between going cross court or down the line? I have heard a number of alternatives but can't figure it out. With thanks
  8. 2300 Rating Forehand Loop Tutorial

    Here is my first tutorial video featuring a good friend of mine. He's rated 2250 in the US, and has a 2300+ level forehand loop. Please go check it out!
  9. Tenergy 05fx on forehand

    Hello there! Right now I'm testing out the tenergy 05 on both sides. I've played with it a little a time ago and is trying it again. I will now try 05fx on backhand and I think that could suit me. But do you have any experience with 05fx on forehand. Can that work too? How does for example the...
  10. Topspin forehand against underspin

    Hi guys Can u recommend for me good video to improve my fh tospin? Anyone of you see any mistakes i do atm ? I am open to any advice :) link below Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection or reload the browserDisable in...
  11. Why does this happen?

    Sometimes when I play (happens mostly on my forehand), something quite annoying and weird happens. I don't think it's something that one does on purpose. Maybe bad timing? Lack of confidence? Misreading spin or the direction the ball is going? I don't think I can explain it really well, but...
  12. Which kind of serve with short pips forehand??

    What kind of serves is good with short spinny pips on fh??? I also use short pips on bh
  13. How to Cheat at 3-Point Forehand (No Footwork)

    Just a fun joke challenge. I was asked if I could do three point forehand without moving, so rose to the occasion.
  14. Need help changing FH rubber please!!!!

    Hi everyone, I’m currently using Evolution MX-S on FH with Xiom Ignito ply. In my recent tournament I played very poorly with my forehand top spins going long most of the time. A senior player recommended me to switch to a slower rubber, can anyone please suggest me one! NOTE: I like to open...
  15. Learning POWERFUL Forehand Flick

    Learning POWERFUL Forehand Flick Many subscriber want a video about FOREHAND FLICK TECHNIQUE. So after 1 week of hard work, we finished producing video!!! Enjoy
  16. Forehand rubber for hitter ?

    Hello, My friend plays with an all+ blade with carbon ; V47 on FH ; short pips on BH. He hits on both side but he struggles to loop backspin on his forehand. I think he may be better off with a softer rubber on his forehand but not fully sure what rubber could be nice to also hit I was mainly...
  17. Forehand rubber recommendation for my Zebarate

    Hi, I am a returning player, ive played since my childhood days.. I am 39 now, havent played since 2012-13.. ive a health issue and was advised to take up exercise/sport by my doctor, so table tennis was the obvious choice, I purchased the TB ALC + Rakza 7 (R7) for my first blade, as it was...
  18. Adivice on Zhangjike ALC forehand choice

    I am playing Zhang ALC Chinese penholder grip, I used to use Neo hurricane 3 blue provincial. But now I am decided to try a non-Chinese rubber. I have the following choices: 1) Butterfly Roundell (or hard). 2) Xiom Vega China (79-024) 3) Tibhar K1 Plus (blue package). I prefer roundell because...
  19. Switching from Donic Bluefire JP03 (on forehand) to a faster rubber!

    Hello guys! So ive got a bit of a problem, im playing with bluefire JP03 on my forehand right now and i can feel that i need a bit more speed. So i have thinking about changing my forehand rubber to something a bit faster. I like the control and spin that bluefire produces but its a bit...
  20. How to learn PERFECT Forehand Loop

    How to learn PERFECT Forehand Loop