1. Donic alternative to Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive

    Hi! I'm currently using a Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive FL with Rakza 7 Soft Max on both sides. I love the feel of this setup but the handle of the blade is too small for my large hands. I have two Donic blades, Applegren Allround and Waldner Senso Carbon which have handles that feel good in...
  2. Need to re glue handle to blade - what adhesive do you recommend?

    Hi Folks....I need to re glue a handle on a Nittaku Blade. Normal PVA Wood glue is "stronger than the wood itself" as they say and totally permanent which will be ok but I am wondering if there is an alternative which will be strong but would come apart again in case ever needed. Any...
  3. Butterfly Viscaria with Stiga handle??? Interesting join-venture!

    I read about but I never seen it for sale: https://www.prott.vip/Product-Details.aspx?productcode=VS Seems to be an official blade... That is an interesting join-venture of Butterfly and Stiga for China National team.
  4. Mouse grip tape for handles

    It is winter and dry. Both hand and handle in the first 20 mins of practice are always slippery. My son plays a lot of video games and bought some mouse tapes to improve click accuracy. It's really thin and the size seems to be just right. So, I put one on the back side of a handle just to check...
  5. Different handle colors on Darker blades

    Hi there, I have just received a second Darker 5P-2A blade and was quite astonished that the color of the handle differed significantly from my first one. Whereas the first blade has a chocolate brown handle this one has a sand colored one (see picture). They almost look like two different...
  6. New way for comapnies to sell paddle /Handle sold sepparetly

    I think that selling the handle in separate parts is a very good idea I dont know how the tt companies didnt think of it, I have seen a lot people complaining about the handle but think the blade is good, IMO there should be people that makes personal handle (that fits you the best) in shape and...
  7. Jpen why take back handle cork off

    Hello guys I have a question why do some jpen players take off the back handle cork off/ (not the cork sheet but the handle) is there benefits or a reason as to why players do that? I believe Ryu Seung Min does that from what I heard but never understood why they do that please help me out in...
  8. Who here plays with griptape on the blade handle?

    Like the title says, I was just curious who also does this and I couldn't find anything in the search history. I myself use a thin layer of griptape because I have rather big hands. Samsonov seems to do it as well as shown in the picture of his blade below(probably also big hands :cool:)
  9. Anyone who has a new Joo Saehyuk blade with straight handle for sale?

    Hi, I am looking for a new Joo Saehuyk blade with a straight handle, but it seems like it is out of production. Is there any chance that some of you guys have a blade that you are willing to sell?
  10. How does the USATT handle ratings restricted tournaments?

    I come from a chess background, and it always a challenge for organizers to be fair when running sanctioned United States Chess Federation ratings restricted tournaments. Typically, unrated players or players without a minimum number of rated games are ineligible to play in non-open events. At...
  11. The handle shot!

    In our latest TTD Team episode the Dane hit a handle shot to win the match! None of us were expecting it, I wasn't even sure if this was legal! Here it is :D <iframe...
  12. FS: Stiga VPS V - master FL handle

    Bought the blade and rubbers in januari 2020 on dandoy webshop. Just isn't a perfect match for me Fh: Xiom vega pro max BH: Xiom vega europe 2.0 Blade: Stiga VPS V - master Flared handle 173gr Price 90 EUR https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gdl1ehtm08t7snk/AAD5mu6mRwcjDxgAaBjoxzRLa?dl=0
  13. Help with ordering a custom handle from OSP blades

    Hi, so I just got my Virtuoso OFF- and really love the blade, but the handle feels too thin. To order a custom handle they require to upload a CAD file or drawing. Does anybody have some experience with that? What dimensions should I provide? I simply want them to copy a Stiga Legend handle...
  14. Handle size Joola Quadri Aruna Offensive +

    Anyone able to help with the size of this handle? Considering buying this blade. Currently have a Stratus Powerwood flared which is slightly too chunky a handle for comfort . Best fits for me have been old Innerforce ZLC and Nittaku Septear Lead. Thanks.
  15. Pros handle type

    Hello there. I think it's interesting to know what handles different pros have, but it's pretty difficult to find. So I'm just wondering if you know what several pros are using. Some specifik ones would be Liam Pitchford, Lin Yun-Ju, Koki Niwa Hugo Calderano and Simon Gauzy.
  16. Help with Nittaku Violin LG (Large Handle) handle size

    Hi everybody, Is there somebody using Nittaku Violin LG (Large Handle)? PLease, could you send the measurements of the handle at the blade (at the wings). I bought mine at tabletennis11 as a LG version and it said Large Handle on the box, however, written by hand. Interestingly, when I wanted...
  17. Help: looking for a ALL blade with a thick handle

    Hi, I'm looking for an advice finding a well balanced ALL, ALL+ or OFF- blade with a large handle. I just got an ANDRO TP LIGNA ALL, which was supposed to be "...made with exceptionally comfortable handle" (according to the producer), but the handle is actually short and horribly thin, even...
  18. Search for Blade high arc + thick square handle

    Hi, i am searching a new blade. I played Butterfly Layer ZLF but the handle is too small. But the blade gives me what I want: -high arc with topspin -good spin -not to fast -i have to close my racket more when playing topspin and play more to the front then up. I have big problems with...
  19. LF: Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk Blade with Straight Handle please!

    Happy new year all. I'm desperately looking to purchase a Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk Blade with Straight Handle. If anyone has one for sale or one they may consider selling, please get in touch. Money waiting. Kind regards.
  20. TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 3 | Can they handle the heat

    Here we go! Our third episode of the TableTennisDaily Team! Join us on our quest to the reach the Champions League! This episode features a strong Ellenborough team determined to stop our undefeated streak! Consistency is key. Can they handle the heat?