1. What is the relation of Wang Hao and Loki brand.

    I saw some loki products and all have wang hao photos.
  2. How to fix the Lens on Hurricane Hao?

    Hi, for about 2 years I am playing with my HH1 now. Since about half year it sometimes started making a off "clicky" sound when playing . I can recreate it when i tap on the handle a little harder. When I put another finger on the lens and tap again, it is quiet. My friend told me it might be...
  3. FS: DHS Hurricane Hao II

    Got me an OSP Expert so letting go of my DHS blade. Brand: DHS Condition: 9.5/10 > Flared Handle, 86g > FH Rubber: DHS H3 NEO HARD (Black, 2.2mm) > BH Rubber: DHS Skyline 3-60 MED (Red, 2.1mm) > 5 ply wood (Koto - Spruce - Ayous - S - K) > Blade face sealed with sealant Selling from Singapore...
  4. Selling DHS Hurricane Hao 2

    Hey guys, I'm selling a custom paddle Blade: DHS Hurricane Hao 2 Chinese Penhold 5 ply Forehand Rubber (black color): Nittaku Hurricane 3 Pro Turbo Orange 1.8mm thickness Backhand Rubber (red color): Donic Baracuda 2.0mm thickness please check my listing on ebay here...
  5. Zhang Yudong avoids shaking hands with Hao Shuai!

    Yesterday Hao Shaui and Zhang Yudong played one another in the China Super League and things got a bit messy. See for yourself in the clip below made by GECA: What do you think of the situation?
  6. DHS Hurricane Hao 3

    Anyone currently using DHS hurricane hao 3? If so, how does it play?
  7. FS DHS Hurricane HAO III(3)

    Hi, selling my current blade DHS Hurricane HAO 3(penhold). blade weight is 80g, with 2 rubbers , blk is tg2neo (2.15mm) red is donic acuda s3(2.2mm), RUBBERS ALMOST NEW, playtime is one training session. i have an original box and red data card. blade doesnt have any heavy damage, just a little...
  8. DHS Hurricane Hao II alternative

    Hi everyone, I played with Hurricane Hao II and I really I liked it. Unfortunately, it's unavailable at tabletennis11. Any alternatives
  9. Wang Hao penhold grip hurting

    I am a penholder who is trying to learn RPB, but learning RPB using Ma Lin's grip is really difficult so I switched to Wang Hao's Grip. Usually penholders have a 2-3 cm gap between the handle and the rubber so they have room for their index finger and thumb. Wang Hao's rubber is straight up...
  10. Kick serve - with deception inspired from Wang Hao's

    Hi everyone, accomodating some essence of Wang hao's kick serve, I made this video trying to share you my best. Again, some of them looked illegal to me. Overall, to execute this serve, was a tough experience to me, as most of them ended up hitting the net. I still dodn't understand why, I...
  11. How to Play the Right Forehand Topspin like Ma Long, Xu Xin, Wang Hao

  12. Wang Hao caught boosting rubber!

    Wang Hao can be seen boosting in these screen shots from a TV show in China. You can see the curl of the blue sponge rubber Wang Hao is gluing on.
  13. Wang Hao Documentary 2015

    Documentary of China's Wang Hao!
  14. Bayern München FC vs Ding Ning & Wang Hao!

    Football Club Bayern München are currently on a team tour in China and of course being in China they had to play some table tennis! On this occasion the football champions on no other than the Chinese National table tennis team! Football players Thomas Müller and Philipp Lahm faced Ding Ning...
  15. FS Hurricane HAO III, Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5

    Hurricane HAO III (SOLD) good as new; used only for a few hours 60 euro + shipping(shipped from Belgium, price depends on the address) delivered with everything you see on the pictures; original box, red card with detailed info,... Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 good as new, played for only a...
  16. DHS Hurricane Hao III FL

    Hey guys, ttnpp.com is selling their DHS Hurricane Hao III FL for a price of $93 down from $153, I am very tempted to buy it. I was just wondering if anyone here has ever used it and how it compares to say HL3 or a Viscaria? I know that the composition has a glass-carbon layer. Thanks. :)
  17. Wang Hao & Ma Lin Coach CNT - WTTC 2015

    Wang Hao & Ma Lin Training Chinese National WTTC 2015 Could Ma Lin be the head coach for the Chinese National Team one day?
  18. What rubbers on yinhe DHS Hurricane Hao III?

    I have a DHS Hurricane Hao III blade---and now i search some rubbers with is the best for me. Can you suggest me some rubber which is for me a best with this blade DHS Hurricane Hao III? Cheers Csaba
  19. Wang Hao

    Hi Guys! Merry Christmas to you all! Here is my present to you all... I have recently made a tribute to Wang Hao, following his sad retirement from the national team in China. I hope you guys can take the time to watch and enjoy this video :) I appreciate hearing your feedback! Thanks a...
  20. Wang Hao formally announced his retirement today

    Wang Hao announced his retirement Wang Hao announced his retirement from Chinese National Team on Dec 20th. It was a party celebrating Hao Shuai's son's 100 day birth. When he stood up with wine, he toast to Hao Shuai and announced his retirement. He mentioned he is really grateful to the team...