1. Li Xiaoxia and Zhang Jike Equipment 2016

    This is gold.
  2. Viscaria or butterfly zhang Jike?

    Which is the best for top spins and loops? Viscaria or butterfly zhang Jike?
  3. Zhang JiKe // Skyfire

    Amazing tribute about Zhang JiKe in Rio 2016 In passing, what's the name of the 2 songs please ?
  4. Rehabilitation of Zhang jike ( video )

    On December 6 according to the china media , Zhang jike had a foot injury in an entertainment program and it was the reason he pulled away from Swedish and Austrian open and recently this injury forced him to withdraw from grand final . Now Zhang Jike is in a painful rehabilitation training ...
  5. Ma Long & Zhang Jike Exhibition After Rio Olympics 2016!!! ( PHOTOS & VIDEOS )

    Ma Long & Zhang Jike Exhibition After Rio Olympics 2016!!! ( PHOTOS & VIDEOS ) On 25 November China's table tennis head coach Liu Guoliang and Kong linghui led the beloved Zhang jike and Malong and national champion Ding Ning and other TT players to a public activity held in Henan for some...
  6. Zhang Jike & Li Xiaoxia equipment diskussion

    Here's the link that goes o a video where ZJ & LX tells you about their equipment. Now we're sure that ZJ uses T80 on BH, "DHS Kuang Biao" A.K.A Hurricane 3 blue sponge on FH. His blade is the BTY Viscara "King". Li Xiaoxia you can see that her Stiga blade is the carbonado 45. She has the...
  7. Possible DONIC Timo Boll ALC, Timo Boll Spirit, Viscaria, Zhang Jike ALC alternatives

    Has anyone tried each of the three obvious Donic alternatives for the popular koto-alc-ayous-kiri-ayous-alc-koto blades? Ovtcharov True Carbon- Pricey, but seems really good. No description on whether carbon is woven with arylate or some other alternative Baum Esprit- No one seems to like it...
  8. The ultimate battle! Ma Long vs Zhang Jike! Live Votes Now!

    We thought it would be a good idea to settle the long standing debate on who's better.... Ma Long or Zhang Jike! Recently Facebook launched it's new live reaction voting system via Facebook Live. So lets see! Ma Long vs Zhang Jike. Be sure to cast your vote! <iframe...
  9. Zhang Jike's retirement

    Is it true that Zhang Jike will retire after 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
  10. Zhang Jike training with his dog...?

    Funny youtube video with Zhang Jike training along side his dog in a China Super League video it looks.
  11. Ma long v Zhang Jike training

    Amazing video
  12. Looking for new Zhang Jike blue dragon seri L, above 92g

    Hello everyone, I' sorry for my poor English I' m looking for new Zhang Jike blue dragon serial beginning L Please support me My email aun[email protected], Whatapp number (084)0935685868 Thank you so much
  13. Zhang Jike ALC Blade... Review

    Look what arrived today! I have just put two sheets of MX-P on it and I look forward to reviewing later on in the week. My initial thoughts: I have wanted to use this blade for over a year. I was due to replace my Viscaria so decided to be impulsive and just buy it. It weights almost...
  14. At the moment, who do you consider greater: Ma Long or Zhang Jike?

    How would you rank them if both were to retire today? Has Ma Long surpassed Zhang Jike in terms of achievements? World Championships: Ma Long 1 - 2 Zhang Jike Olympic Gold: Ma Long 1 - 1 Zhang Jike World Cups: Ma Long 2 - 2 Zhang Jike Asian Championships: Ma Long 3 - 0 Zhang Jike Asian...
  15. Zhang Jike Will Retire After Rio Olympics 2016!

    There are reports circulating around the Chinese media and in particular one in which Zhang Jike said in an chat room (Chinese Media qq Sports quote) with fans after the Rio Olympic team event that he will retire when the team land in Beijing after Rio! Online users in China are talking about it...
  16. Ma Long vs Zhang Jike Final FIXED???

    Was the final fixed beforehand? Please vote also above I am sure this was fixed!
  17. Ma Long or Zhang Jike, who 's your stake?

    Hi guys, since the party ends by midnight. Let's express our open support to whom we want to win and take that gold medal home. Personally, I want Zhang jike to win and see a new double grand slam champion. Share yours, there is exactly 8 hours to go :)
  18. Zhang Jike Short Interview at Rio 2016. Translation Please

  19. Ball Boy (Fang Bo) Vs Champ (Zhang Jike) WTTC 2015

    And this happens
  20. New 2016: Zhang Jike - Rio Olympic Training!

    NEW: Zhang Jike - Olympic Training for Rio 2016! Watch also: Ma Long's Rio Olympic Training Video. Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong's Rio Olympic Training Video.