1. Stéphane Ouaiche vs. Wang Yang - Swedish open 2019

    Hello guys! Another match from my library, private recording from the coach´s view! Enjoy! And those who speach french, you can translate some stuff from Ouaiche ;)
  2. Famous Natl Div 1 Female inverted vs Natl Div 1 PH SP !!! Finals Ntl Open

    Hi All, For those interested in C-Pen SHORT PIPS at higher Korean Amateur levels...(OSPH and maybe @Lula !!!) Here is a finals in a national level Open tourney Div 1 vs Div 1 final. Lady is pretty well established Bak Ji-Soo Div 1 Natl standard. Dude is someone I never saw, never heard of, but...
  3. New US Open & US Nationals Tournament Results History website

    The US Open & Nationals Tournament results website is now online at Home ( You can now now up the summary results to see who won all the events from each tournament from 1931 to 2019. There is also a corresponding Facebook group page U.S. Open & Nationals Table Tennis Results History...
  4. New US Open & US Nationals Tournament Results History website

    ​​​Have any of you played in the US Open or US Nationals tournaments in the last 20, 30 ,40 , 50 years or more? There is now a new website that will have the complete tournament results summary page for U.S. Opens from 1931 (this includes the APPA/NYTTA championships from 1931-1934 before the...
  5. Greetings from open sea

    Hello I am a Malaysian working onboard a survey vessel, mainly operating along west coast of Africa from Angola to Morocco. I am working for a China national company, and here I fell in love again with table tennis, after leaving them behind after school days, over 20 years ago. Joining the...
  6. New TT Club open July in Daytona Beach, FL , TT robot recommendations

    In Florida, TT players are fortunate that a new pickleball complex nearing completion is also including TT. I have been asked and agreed to be the Club Rep for TT for the complex. Yesterday I toured the facility to determine the time to order tables and supplies. The complex is scheduled to be...
  7. Open Championships Movie

    Hello;) I would like to share with You a movie recorded by me almost a year ago. These are Open Championships of Makow Mazowiecki. Makow Mazowiecki is a small town where I live. Championships are organized by TT club where I play. We compete in the 5th regional league. As I said before it's a...
  8. Best Points Of Qatar Open 2020

    I'll update best points of Qatar Open 2020 in this post!
  9. Qatar Open 2020

    I thought maybe it would be good to place the thread about Qatar Open:
  10. ITTF Para Polish OPEN

  11. 2020 World Tour Hungarian Open

  12. NEW VIDEO: Cho Seungmin VS Liang Jingkun 7 Game Thriller (German Open 2020)

    This 7 Game thriller from this year's recent German Open between Cho Seungmin and Liang Jingkun was finally salvaged! It's not amazing quality (probably around 300-400fps) but it's all we have, given ITTF failed to put this on a livestreamed table.
  13. 2019 US Open Video's (including Adam Bobrow)

    Playlist of 24 video's, more coming everyday,
  14. Timo Boll vs Fan Zhendong | Amazing Match | Austrian Open 2019

    One of the best matches we've seen in a long time! Timo Boll vs Fan Zhendong in today's semi final at the Austrian Open!
  15. Tournament OPEN PZTS Gdansk

  16. Austrian Open 2019 [12-17 November 2019]

    Seeded draws are out Men's Singles Fan Zhendong Jang Woojin Robert Gardos Lin Yun-ju Timo Boll Jun Mizutani Dimitrij Ovtcharov Tomokazu Harimoto Hugo Calderano Patrick Franziska Koki Niwa Mattias Falck Liang Jingkun Wong Chun Ting Daniel Habesohn Lin Gaoyuan Women's Singles Zhu...
  17. Calderano's new blade in German open 2019 and DHS W968

    What is that blade? Second question where can i buy DHS W968?
  18. German Open 2019

    Hey guys, the Swedish Open concluded yesterday with Wang Chuqin and Chen Meng winning the men's and women's event, the table tennis world moves onto the German Open! The German Open begins tomorrow on the 8th October and concludes on the 13th. World Number 1 Xu Xin takes the number 1 seed...
  19. Swedish Open 2019

    The Swedish Open begins tomorrow on the 1st October and concludes on the 6th. The line up is very strong with World Number 1 Xu Xin taking the number 1 seed position. Chen Meng the world number 1 leads the womens singles seeing! Lets get this topic started! Men's Singles Xu Xin enters the...
  20. Attending the upcoming Swedisn and German Open - Anywhere to train?

    Hey everyone :) I will be attending The Swedish Open (Oct 1-6) and the German Open (Oct 8-13) during the next two weeks. Given the opportunity, I'd love to come to a local practice. If there is anyone here from Stockholm or Bremen who thinks it might be possible, I'd appreciate it a lot if you...