1. Backhand rubbers upgrade suggestions

    I'm currently using yinhe moon 12 blue on backhand, did 'downgrading' myself for few months to get back the feeling/confidence on my weak bh side after long hiatus postcovid pandemic. Now I thought generally I'm improving on bh side but as time goes by, I felt like I need more power on backhand...
  2. Budget Setup for returning newbie : Sanwei CC or Power G-7 or V14pro

    Hi all,I hve been browsing the threads and learnt several insights. Very informative forum.Im starting to get back into the game after 10-15 years (i use to play TT in school team) and im looking for a budget setup that wont break the bankI used to own Stiga Offensive Classic back in the day but...
  3. DHS power G P-G7 with Thibar MXP

    Do you think it's a good combination to put MXP on my new PowerG pg-7? Thank you
  4. Playing against Power Looper

    Hey all, here's a video from a couple months ago of me playing a two-winged looper. It was a tough match and I hope you guys enjoy it. Merry Christmas to everyone! https://youtu.be/SjIZpHseEHc
  5. TSP Euro Power OFF

    Anyone used the TSP Euro Power OFF, or know what its ply construction is? The official description says it has "4 elastic outer plies" and "3 ... slightly harder core plies." If anyone's used it I'd be interested to know what you think and how it compares to some other all-wood 7 plies.
  6. FS TSP Swat Power FL

    FS TSP Swat Power FL handle in good condition Circa 87 grams Only has a small chip, seen on BH photo 40 euros shipped to europe, paypal as gift with tracking number or add extra 4 euros
  7. FS: Donic Dyjas Ultra Power, Gambler Fire Dragon Touch, Simon Gauzy Quest Off, more

    - Donic Dyjas Ultra Power - 35€, Mint condition, no dings, no scratches, slight wing discoloration normal for limba - W968-8 clone - 45$, selected on my request, good quality core and ebony top, comes with Sanwei Target 90 - Donic Appelgren Allplay V2 - 20€, I will give free rubbers to it (they...
  8. Power pong 5000 good?

    Has anybody used power pong 5000? I'm trying to find a comparison with amicus prime
  9. Best table tennis robot - Amicus prime or Power pong 5000

    These two are priced exactly the same in the US. Which is a better one? Anybody has any experience with these? Any known issues? I read that amicus app isn't that great (not sure if that has improved now). Which one would you recommend?
  10. FS: Stiga blades and Tibhar Stratus Power Wood

    FS: Tibhar SPW, Stiga Arctic Wood and Andro Treiber FI I am selling these blades. Will be shipped from Sweden (12 euro normally with tracking and insurance). Payment via PayPal. Stiga Arctic Wood, FL Price: 45€ 84g, 157 x 150 x 6.05mm Excellent condition. Almost new, sparsely used. With...
  11. Thoughts on my new set-up - Tibhar Techno Power Contact

    ... Sorry, wrong forum.
  12. Forehand power vs Backhand power

    I don't know if it is just an illusion or reality but for most player I have seen, they usually have a more powerful forehand than their backhand counter part. By the way, when I say powerful, I mean force and speed but not accuracy and consistency which are both important too, though I'm not...
  13. DHS Power PG9 vs Jolla Aruna

    which blade is good, DHS Power PG9 vs Jolla Aruna ? For good topspin looping
  14. Forehand Rubber for TSP Hino Carbon Power

    For my main blade I'm using Xiom Omega VII Asia on XIOM Feel HX Pro which I feel is great for blocking and counter driving. However, I'm trying to learn to loop consistently during rallies which I find that I'm unable to do on my backup blade which has Xiom Omega VII Asia on TSP's Hino Carbon...
  15. Power-up of Forehand

    https://youtu.be/Ua4uwQi_wFk Just 10 seconds for Power-up of Forehand? Is it real? Chinese Coach's Teaching for that. Just see it!
  16. fastarc g1 + stratus power wood???

    hi guys i already have a old stratus power wood and i am planning on buying fast-arc g1 for the blade will it be a good combo?will the rubber be too hard? will it be spinny enough or can i go for a safe bet evolution mxp?
  17. Tuttle Summer 3C vs Palio Power Dragon

  18. Spinlord Ultra Power + contest

    Answer the question from the movie! To win the blade: https://ttdd.eu/spinlord-ultra-power.html Have fun!
  19. For Power-up of Forehand Topspin by Chinese Style

    CHN Coaches to S.Korea & TT Clinic for the improvement the Forehand Topspin https://youtu.be/w6zfdJaphlA
  20. Tips for Backhand Topspin Power-up

    Tips for Power-up of Backhand Topspin, What is that? https://youtu.be/BU-98Mko2N8