1. the power of penhold

  2. The power of block: Jan-Ove Waldner

    Here's the video
  3. DHS Power G12

    Hi Has anyone used This blade-DHS Power G12? If so,how would you rate/review it. Im interested in buying as it seems a good blade,but me being me,I have to do good homework before purchasing anything! Any input is valuable information. Thanks
  4. I Need Some Information about Butterfly Power - 7

    Hello i dont know what blade will I buy. I need information about Power - 7 (off+) Someone play with it? I will have H3 NEO for FH and Yasaka Mark V HPS for backhand. What blade could suits me better for Yasaka Mark V HPS, Power 7 or Petr Korbel (Off) ? Thanks
  5. Power of Table Tennis

    Hey guys, i'm glad that i can present you my video: Power of Table Tennis. Would be Kind if you leave a comment, like or subscribe to my channel. AlexoCho
  6. Tibhar Stratus Power Wood + T80 ??

    Hey guys What do u think about Tibhar Stratus power wood + tenergy 80 ? i change my bat from grubba all + with tibhar aurus 2.1 + aurus soft 1.9 and I'm looking for better spinny and power with similar control. I love to play controlled tospins (both sides) and I'm improving flicks all the...
  7. Piing of Power - Congrats guys!

    I was checking the women's world cup results on ITTF website this morning when I saw this. Piing of power featured on the home page! Congrats guys! Great going and looking forward to more amazing work from you.
  8. alterntative to Butterfly Power Drive (original)

    During last years I played with Timo Boll Spirit but I came back to my old Butterfly Power Drive which gives me more control and my game is more reliable. I would like to buy a new blade, similar to Power Drive, but maybe something new, because it is a heavy blade in combination with Tenergy...
  9. Piing of Power - Photoshoot

    Hei there, we shot yesterday new footage for our upcoming video and bcs we had some time left we made a little "photoshoot" i will post them here plus all the photos that will be made in future :) enjoy (i have to upload one pic per post, otherwise my laptop gets to angry, idk why ^^ ) :)
  10. Piing of Power!

    We will keep you informed about our Piing of Power work in this thread exlusively for you guys! :) We will post latest photos, informations and of course our videos! :) We would appreciate your time and effort of liking, commenting or sharing our facebook page :) If you like what you see...
  11. Power of Estonian Third League Table Tennis

    Highlights of second day:
  12. Power and Control

    i've observed that most of China top players used DHS rubbers for FH,that means that these rubbers are manufactured to produce great Power, speed and spin maybe therefore used as Offensive rubber...is there a DHS rubber that is also good for defense, for blocking and also powerful??...thanks and...
  13. The 'power' of the block

    Many Table Tennis professionals now attack with an extreme forehand and backhand topspin, however it is important to not underestimated the 'power' of the block! Thanks to youtuber GecaPhoenix for this wonderful video of Jan Ove Waldner and his incredible blocks! Photo by: Getty Images...
  14. How much power do you use, compared to the Pros?

    This would have been better formattted as a poll, but here goes - I spoke to a very good and experienced player v.recently, who advised me never to use more than between 20% - 70% power on average during a game/rally. He advised that anything more than that, and ones game/strokes start to look...
  15. Adidas FiberTec Power, Extreme & Classic Blades Review

    Got 3 of the newest Adidas blades from Adidas itself. Adidas FiberTech Power (Blue stripes): handle: shakehand flared weight: 87 grams plies: 7 (limba-carbon kevlar-ayous-kiri-ayous-carbon kevlar-limba) rubbers used for testing: red 2.0 donic acuda s2, black max adidas tenzone, stiga royal...
  16. The power of the 'flick'

    Just stumbled across this amazing video that demonstrates the power of flicks from a serve and receive position. In this video, I am highly impressed by the way Fang Bo waits that second later to disguise the direction of his flick. I have noticed Ma Long does this with his backhand a lot. He...
  17. Enter TableTennisMaster Xtreme Competition

    The latest TableTennisDaily competition thanks to TableTennisMaster The prize is a very nice 6 DVD box set combo to improve your footwork conditioning and explosive power in Table Tennis. I have two collections to give away. Each collection holds 6 DVD's. DVD Box Set 1 contains - Agility -...
  18. Haifu Whale

    Hey guys, i really recommend using Haifu whale 2, especially the factory tuned series. It has a lot of spin and tackiness like Hurricanes aswell as speed and power which is rare for a chinese rubber as the tackiness usually slows it down. The power of this rubber is immense and its used by top...