rakza 7

  1. Rakza 7 vs DHS Gold Arc 8 (47.5)

    Hello everyone, I wonder which one of these rubbers is less spin sensitive to incoming spin? I'm debating trying DHS on my backhand and looking for something with better control/block abilities. Has anyone tried it? If yes please share your experience with DHS Gold Arc 8 over all.
  2. Yinhe Big Dipper 38 deg (1st version) spin capabilities?

    Can anyone who has played with big dipper 1st version 38 or 39 degrees compare it to older rubbers like Vega Pro, Rakza 7, Fastarc G1 in terms of spin producing? I tried to look info online but couldn't find anything. I had Rakza 7 and it was okay but it didn't seem particularly spinny rubber to...
  3. New rubber = greasy surface = no spin = no confidence = waste of money??

    Guys some of you may live in a warm climate, if so i'm keen to hear from you. Over the last month it's been warm here and my during practice my rubbers (TSP Rise BH/Agrit FH) are getting slick and greasy, so much so that all the grip and subsequently all confidence saps out of my game. Today I...