1. Tibhar K1 and K1 European version

    Is anybody knows what difference between this two? thanks
  2. Tibhar Marcos Freitas Blade.

    Hey Can anyone please tell me is the Tibhar Marcos Freitas blade good enough. A guy in our club uses it and it feels pretty nice. He uses Tibhar Evolution FX-P for FH and Donic Coppa for BH. If the blade is good enough should I get it and also is it a carbon blade? I used a premade racket of...
  3. Tibhar rubber reviews

    Anyone have any tibhar evolution rubber reviews
  4. Tibhar Evolution MX-P | YouTube

  5. Tibhar Cedric Nuytinck vs Xiom Ice Cream AZXi

    Hello Guys! I thought I should step up in speed on my blade You see in my signature what I am playing with this days > ZLF blades! So I wonder which blade would suit me best of Tibhar Cedric Nuytinck vs Xiom Ice Cream AZXi ?? And which blade do you think is the best of them two generally ...
  6. Big problem with Tibhar MX-P how to use it ?

    Hello , I have many problems , I just changed my FH rubber from Rakza7(max) to Tibhar MX-P(2.0) . My blade is DHS 301 Innercarbon not too fast easy control. I always use sticky - semi sticky rubber on FH lsuch as DHS H3neo(tuned) , Rakza 7 (use it more than 2 years) Please guide me how to...
  7. MX-P 50 deg vs MX-S ?

    MX-P 50 deg vs MX-S what is the difference? which one is "better"?
  8. Tibhar el-s

    For my style and level of play EL-S is the perfect rubber. In combination with the Donic Waldner Off 2016 I have found my perfect setup! Now, the problem is that after playing 6 practice sessions x 3 hours each = 18 hours with the rubbers I can definitely start to feel the topsheet deteriorating...
  9. Anyone who can compare TSP black balsa 7.0 blade to the tibhar balsa fibretec 75

    I'm trying to know if the tibhar blade is faster than the TSP, since both are labeled OFF (not OFF+). I'm currently testing the TSP and it lacks some speed and power from mid distance. Both are super light around the 60g, this is why i'm comparing those 2. I previously had an ishlion blade...
  10. Tibhar Fortino blade series with Dyneema fibre

    There are three new blades by Tibhar, each one interesting on its own, bound together by use of the Dyneema fibre. Dyneema is a very strong but also light material that enables to build carbon/fibre blades without making them too heavy from the start. Fortino Performance offers maximum control...
  11. [Penhold] Tibhar Custom Blades

    Hello fellow forum members! For participation in the "Ask Tibhar Owner for a Chance to Win a Prize" thread over at MyTT; To my delight, i was informed through Email that I won! Disclaimer: Kindly note that this is not a paid advertisement. Prizes given were all to my own discretion. A...
  12. Test: Tibhar Hybrid K1 European Version. Max sponge, black, forehand

    https://youtu.be/d-xDxy-iDd0 https://youtu.be/vDF0NKK5PxE
  13. Tibhar evolution mx-p with Timo ball ALC

    Hi, How would the Tibhar mx-p go with Timo Ball ALC balde? Thanks.
  14. New blade with more feeling ? (current is tibhar IV S)

    Hello hello My friend is not fully happy with his blade and i wanted to advice him something but i'm not sure He plays with Tibhar IV S and FXP 1.8mm. He's rated around 800 in France and has good strokes but still he finds it a bit too fast. He's a looper that like to play a bit far from the...
  15. Tibhar Aurus vs Nittaku Fastarc P-1

    Hello, Has anyone played with aurus and fastarc p1 and is able to give a comparison ? I struggle to find playing impressions of the fastarc p1 in general so i am grateful for any information on that rubber. I have tested G-1 and while it was nice it was a nice the topsheet felt a little to...
  16. XIOM Vega Pro with Tibhar MX-P 2.1 and Yasaka Rakza X 2.0

    XIOM Vega Pro blade , Tibhar MX-P 2.1 forehand, Yasaka Rakza X 2.0 backhand...This is a carbon blade, it's fast, spinny and with good technique very controlable. I played with it for about 6 hrs in a 2 week period so it's basically new. I paid $200 but I'll sell it for $170 but I will...
  17. Boosting Tibhar Mx-s

    Hi, Mx-S has a very grippy topsheet as compared to Mx-P but is slower probably cz of less booster. Has anyone tried boosting tibhar mx-s?Can you please share your experiences.
  18. Coming soon!!! MX-K in making from Tibhar's collaboration with Nexy

    Hi all:-) I hope you are all doing well! Just a friendly heads up, Nexy and Tibhar are working on this new rubber together, whose name is MX-K. By the sound of that K, I assume it stands for 'Korea' Being a Korean myself, I do think it is quite meaningful that my home country's company is...
  19. Tibhar Nimbus Delta, Rozena, Rakza 7

    Can anyone please tell me how do these rubbers compare in terms of speed, spin, control and durability thanks!
  20. Tibhar Delta series and Rozena

    I would like to buy one of these rubbers. They are at a discount at my local store for a great price. Please share any information about these rubbers. And if you have tried them both please compare these two like which one is faster, durability, and spinnier. Thanks