1. Xu xin not playing ittf?

    Xu xin is not playing in the ittf restart at the moment?? Why??? What's goin on????
  2. Xu Xin, Harimoto & More | Training | Table Tennis MOTIVATION

    New training hall video from the top 16 players in both the men's and women's singles at the 2019 T2 Diamond event in Singapore! Here's some motivation for you as you head back to the training hall after lockdown! Video includes Xu Xin, Mima Ito, Harimoto, Hugo Calderano, Ding Ning and many more!
  3. Streaming on youtube Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin play

    12th August 20:00-21:00 Fan Zhendong vs Yu Ziyang 21:00-22:00 Xu Xin vs Xu Chenhao (GMT+8)
  4. What if Xu Xin plays shakehand?

    How do you think his style would change?
  5. Training with Xu Xin at home!

  6. Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition

    I sell Stiga Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition at 190,00€ as technical features: The speed is similar to that of an innerforce Bty. Layers: 5 + 2 Wood composition: Koto, spruce, Textreme + - AYOUS - Textreme +, spruce, Koto. Balancing 12 cm from the head. Concave handle Master Purchased on...
  7. xu xin forhand rubber

    is he still using Skyline 2 bs or has he gone to h3 bs?
  8. Xu Xin - The Greatest Doubles Player Ever

    I know people love debating who's the best, Ma Long vs. Waldner, etc, but is there any debate as to if Xu Xin is the greatest doubles AND mixed doubles player of all time. No matter who the teammate is, he seems to win. I'm not sure it's just his game of offense, defense, long arms, power...
  9. Xu Xin Junior!!!

    Rumour has it Xu Xin is a dad. I guess now we know his secret to his form.
  10. Xu Xin becomes No.1

  11. FS/FT: Xu Xin Dynasty Carbon FL 98g

    Used for one session and I thought it was too heavy for my liking, so please beware that it is on the heavy side for weight. That being said it is perfectly new condition except I have sanded the wings down a slight bit. Since retail is $270, my asking price is $250. Or I am willing to trade for...
  12. STIGA Dynasty Blade Review | Xu Xin Edition

    Hey guys! Here's our latest review of the new high end blade by STIGA, the Dynasty! We take a look at the Xu Xin and regular edition, which was developed by both STIGA and Xu Xin. Enjoy the review :) Have you tried this blade yet? Any questions let us know in the comments.
  13. Crazy ball catch skill by Xu Xin!

    We have watched this video over 100 times! How does Xu Xin do this? This is some serious skill! <iframe src="" width="476" height="476"...
  14. Best Rubbers for XU XIN DYNASTY CARBON

    Hi, I am looking to buy xu xin dynasty carbon blade. Should i go for hard rubbers with it or medium hard ones? Does the blade have good control?How would it pair with tenergy 05?
  15. Lefty Magicians : Xu Xin vs Lin Gaoyuan (FANCAM)
  16. Xu Xin vs Xu Ruifeng | 2018 Chinese Nationals - interesting match I thought it was very bizzare and interesting. Xu Xin is in low stance, attacking every ball he can, putting a lot of energy into it, trying to win. Meanwhile Xu Ruifeng stands like my dad would, legs and back completely straight, receives...
  17. New balls and Xu Xin's penhold style

    Does anyone think that the "new balls" will actually favour the game-style of Xu Xin? 
 All other players seem to be "the same": attacking early on a fast and super-reactive game. 
 The new balls however are somewhat slower and I'm seeing Xu Xin adapt a style better acquainted to the way the...
  18. Look at this video: LGL and Xu Xin

    Liu Guoliang showed he still has that soft touch and Xu Xin is lucky to have a grand slam winner as his coach.[U]
  19. Xu Xin seems all better and ready for the World Cup

    Xu Xin doing well last week. Wow:
  20. Who will coach Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin?

    Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin's coach Wu Jingping was retired last year. Who will become their new coach remains elusive. Lin Gaoyuan and Zhou Qihao were also from Wu Jingping's group and need a new coach. Both Wang Hao and Ma Lin have announced to apply for the CNT coach positions (5 positions...