1. Yinhe Mercury 2 vs Sanwei Ultra Spin T88

    sorry to ask if funds are limited and are only used for training for beginners. which one should you choose? Yinhe Mercury 2 or Sanwei UltraSpin T88
  2. Palio TCT or Yinhe T4s?

    So both of them are supposed to be two of the stiffest blades out there, but their composition is still completely different. So which one have you used? What can you tell me about it? Or if both, what are the differences? Thanks.
  3. Yinhe Big Dipper 38 deg (1st version) spin capabilities?

    Can anyone who has played with big dipper 1st version 38 or 39 degrees compare it to older rubbers like Vega Pro, Rakza 7, Fastarc G1 in terms of spin producing? I tried to look info online but couldn't find anything. I had Rakza 7 and it was okay but it didn't seem particularly spinny rubber to...
  4. Being a tall player and new yinhe rubber (mercury storm)

    I am 1.85m player and I consider myself as a begginer-intermediate, I read some texts about being a tall player and I can relate some of the thing like more of backhand dominat, although I also like to hit with fh but it feels "weird"?, but there were also a weird thing that a guy said, he said...
  5. Yinhe LQ-1 vs Yinhe LQ-2

    Yinhe LQ-1 (38USD$)...
  6. Unboxing new Yinhe blade : Yinhe Pro-01

    update-Unboxing new Yinhe blade : Yinhe Pro-01 07-12-2020 : edit update a review Yinhe Pro-01 I saw this blade in aliexpress and I had order to Thailand. In my experience with Yinhe v-14 pro this blade is surprise me so much very good build quality, Price, value but in the best thing is...
  7. Anybody tried Yinhe Mars 101 Blade?

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000111669981.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.52.374128f3n2PbrG The blade Review (With subs) -...
  8. Yinhe pro 13s, good concept but is it worth to try ?

    I saw in aliexpress.This blade is inner KLC fo FH(it claim this structure form Long 5) and outer ALC for BH(Structure form viscaria). Do you think about this blade?
  9. YinHe Golden ALC

    Hi TTD, I wondered if the members are familiar with YinHe Golden ALC. Found this interesting and yet unassuming blade from the Prott website. Links as below. https://prott.vip/Product-Details.aspx?productcode=YHGOLD Reportedly to be similar to a Viscaria but at half the usual cost of a...
  10. Yinhe n11s

    Hey everyone, i got yinhe n11s blade recently and because of the lack of information on the internet, i dont know if one of the layers is carbon, does anyone know?
  11. Yinhe T11 or another hard blade?

    Hi there, I've been playing for around 2 years and have been using a Donic Waldner Allplay blade with coppa x2 on my forehand and coppa x3 on my backhand. but I find these rubbers quite "mushy" almost as if they are too soft, like a spinny incoming ball sinks into them and these sponges...
  12. Anyone here using a Yinhe V-14 Pro

    Hi, Is there anyone in this forum using a Yinhe V-14 Pro? A friend of mine is selling his V-14 Pro and I am interested because it seems so have a simillar composition to Vis and TB ALC but sadly I cannot test it due to the quarantine since he is in a different city. It would be great if you guys...
  13. Quick question - what are the differences between Yinhe m201 and Yinhe 970xx-K

    Looking to get a new blade and more or less settled on either the Yinhe M201 or the Yinhe 970XX-KLC . Also sort of considering the Yinhe 970XX-ALC. Anyone know the differences? Got a friend with the 970xx-klc and have had a quick knock already so will try his blade some more. Also picked up a...
  14. Yinhe 980

    Hallo, I'm looking for a fast defensive blade, something like Butterfly Joo Saehyuk but cheaper... I found this Yinhe blade, anyone know it and can compare with the Butterfly blade? https://www.pingmaster.it/en-us/galaxy-980/ thank you!
  15. yinhe blade

    I am interested about Yinhe V 14 pro blade . Actually have Y 15 . If any have V14 pro universary model let tell me caracteristics as speed contreol etc thanks Miki
  16. Budget alternative to Yinhe Moon Pro

    Ave, Hi folks I am looking for an alternative too Yinhe Moon Pro. I've been using it for a month now. I love it. it is great. But either Yinhe does not produce it or is very picky about who can sell it. I've looked for it for about 2 months. Finally sourced it from Malaysia. The problem is that...
  17. Yinhe T-11 upgrade, Any other Balsa Core blades faster than it?

    Good day everyone I broke my yinhe t11 because I forgot to seal it My rubber took a good chunk of wood especially in the sides. I'm looking for an alternative that is also Balsa Cored. Faster than yinhe t11+ Any suggestions? SP FH user
  18. FS: Yinhe Pro Feeling , FL

    Hi, I would like to sell ​​a Yinhe Pro Feeling (ALC) blade. Condition: NEW 1h of usage Weight: 90gr Handle: Flared -OFF to OFF 1 hour played, bit slower than a viscaria, but a bit more control and spin. Feeling is soft to medium hard. Very well made, grip feels good in the hand. No edge hits...
  19. Yinhe 970XX ALC vs KLC

    Has anyone happen to try both of the blades? How do they compare? (for example to yinhe pro feeling or DHS H301)
  20. Yinhe MStar review request

    Has anyone used above mentioned new Yinhe rubber?