5 Years Today - TableTennisDaily!

says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
says Waldner Masterclass out now! 🏓
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Oct 2010
Hey everyone!

Today is a special day for TableTennisDaily as the site reaches it's fifth year anniversary!

Thanks to all the TT lovers and enthusiasts over the years making fantastic contributions to the site and letting your friends know what an amazing community we have here. A big thank you to all the moderators and team who put in a lot of hard work to makes things flow the way they do and keeping everyone up to date with all the latest table tennis action. It would be hard to name all the dedicated posters but you know who you are!

The site has expanded since 2010 with now a fully fledged Equipment Review Centre, Ask the pro feature, equipment experts, professional reviews, pro coaches and lots more!

Thanks to all your amazing contributions!

Have a great week!


What's your most favourite moment of TableTennisDaily and table tennis in the last 5 years?
says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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Dec 2010
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This forum is great fun and the site has so much to offer.

I think one of the best moments was when Der_Echte and I laid a trap for the goon squad. Thought we had them right where we wanted them and it turned out to be Dan and Giang laying a trap for us. So we all went out for Chicken and Beer dinner on the goon squad.

That competition where everyone was vying for the right to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge was pretty epic as well.

Or was it the time that NextLevel Der_Echte, AGold, PingPongHolic, 42andbackpains, SmashFan and Edmund Suen caused trouble at Shao Yu's club NYISC.

Or hanging out with Matt Hetherington at Lily Yip's club and going to an all you can eat sushi place after and ordering way too much and trying to eat it all! Hahahahaha.

Or watching several WTTCs on the Live Stream with Chat so you can watch and talk about the matches with people from all over the world.

Was it when ZJK won his second WTTC singles title or when Ma Long won a long awaited and well deserved first WTTC singles title.

I am not sure who to envy between them more. It seems like the long awaited and well deserved first WTTC may be sweeter for Ma than the steamrolling success of back to back to back titles that ZJK has earned. But history will show that both these guys deserve their spot on the all time list of greats.

As does TTDaily!!!!!!!!

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Jan 2011
Best table tennis community in the world! the things youve done have helped so many players get together, getting answers they didnt know who to ask, prespectives from other people about discussions and debates.

this site and forums are brilliant piece of hard work and i think everyone are greatful and thankful for you guys for the hard work youve put into this thing. Once again, it is an amzing project youve manage to succeed in and it has helped A LOT in so many ways

happy anniversary!
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Happy Birthday TableTennisDaily! This site is the best gift for table tennis community. A lot of useful advices, a lot of good equipment reviews and a lot of guys improving their game with the help of this site. A big thanks to Dan for this wonderful site and to all the other active members that discuss here everything about our beloved sport!
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says Out of Business Janitor/Babysitter
says Out of Business Janitor/Babysitter
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Sep 2011
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Best moment ???


Gotta be when I signed up a few years ago when I waz living in Korea.

Since then, countless connections and adventures and good times of TT since.

If none of the zany stuff we did wasn't captured and recorded on the forum and it was taken out of context, we all could been looked at like lunatics and paranoid international spies. Fortunately, Carl has an app on his NSA phone that wipes all the baddies from Google and keeps us from being on the wrong side of the powers.