Changing Blades from Stiga Tube Carbo WRB

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Jul 2023
Hey, first time poster here. So as the title suggests, I'm looking to change my equipment after getting back to playing table tennis after 4 years since highschoo (10th grade); I am currently in my 3rd year in college.

I was part of my school's varsity team for about 4 years and developed a playstyle that involves more on the short game, bh flicking, blocking and counterspinning/looping only if the opportunity arises. I definitely lack the skills to play midrange and far from the table.

Current equipment:
Stiga carbo tube wrb
Xiom Vega Pro for FH
Xiom Vega Europe for BH

Currently, i have been playing with my brother and practicing to get better topspins and loops in midrange from the table but i found that transitioning from FH to BH felt very heavy with my current blade. With this i tried my brother's racket which is
Bro's racket: Donic carbo system off-
Hurricane 3 neo for fh
Xiom musa 3 for bh

I felt that his racket was more reactive but felt less powerful compared to mine. It was also a lot easier to return to a stable position after a large fh swing. I also realized the importance of using good technique to activate the H3 neo to get a very fast and spinny shot which required a lot of physical effort on my part.

I want to develop my midrange shots more and react faster to quick ball changes when close to the table without sacrificing control and much speed. I also aim to develop producing more spinny loops/topspins during play.

With this I thought of just changing my blade to one of these while maintaining the vega pro and europe rubbers:

  1. Yinhe v14 pro
  2. Yinhe pro 01
  3. Dhs fang bo b2 (or the x version?)
  4. Dhs 301 (or the x version?)
  5. Sanwei 75
Wanted to hear your suggestions on these blades as replacement for my tube carbo wrb. I'm open to other blades and rubbers suggestions too cuz my vega europe is deteriorating after all.

If u reached this point, thanks for reading all of this!