A do it all rubber that can attack and defend.

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Hi Good Day

My Play Style: All Around Play, i usually attack or defend depending on the situation. i can attack or defend on both FH and BH.

Problem: I am currently using Adidas Tenzone SF on my BH. its good mainly for attacking but i cant chop with it cuz its always a no spin ball which troubles me. I am looking for a replacement in which i can attack with the rubber without it going to the net and im able to chop with heavy backspin.

Any suggestions guys? thanks
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says Grand Consultant to the Office of Goon Squad
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Sep 2011
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I will say affirmatively Tibhar Evolution FX-P.

You can make all the shots. Offensive is fast and spinny with great feel and control. Counterlooping is super control. Openers are super spinny.

On defense... you can chop, use soft hand and kill spin to give back knuckle or a ball much lighter than it looks.

Personally, I am an attack first kind of dude, but it goes sideways and I cannot slug my way out, I quickly become an allround player who gives opponent anything to disrupt timing, make him miss, or give me the chance to regain initiative and go back on hyper drive attack. on serve receive where I am not confident to make an aggressive flick, I will push long to crossover or wide angle suddenly and expect an attack to a certain zone and be ready to fast block or kill it.

Nothing wrong with allround style... it works for you and sometimes it works for me. You can use pretty much any offensive rubber and play allround style successfully, it is a matter of knowing your setup. However, comma, some setups are more suitable for this than others as you rightfully ask for suggestions.
I HIGHLY recommend Butterfly's Tackifire Drive. It has great grip so that if you use topspin shots you can either get immense power, and if you're looping you can get some serious spin. You get great serves that has spin and control. However it is also great for defense. How good? Top class Korean defending player, Joo Sae-Hyuk uses it on his forehand.