Which rubber suits me?

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I am confused on choosing my forehand rubber.
Blade - Donic Black Devil
Backhand - Tibhar Grass D Tecs Long Pimple without sponge

I want to buy a forehand rubber. I mostly hit flat shots. I want a rubber which is fast and suitable for flat hitting shots and for forehand drives(top spin).
Previously I used to play with andro rasant turbo which suited me very well. I am looking for similar kind of rubbers.
I don't want very hard rubber as it would be difficult for top spins.
I used tibhar evolution el-p but it didn't suit me. I played with tibhar 5Q which suited me too.
I am starting my game after a 9 years. So I am not aware of lastest rubbers.

I was looking for Andro Rasanter R47, R48 or C47 or C48. I don't know the differences between them and which suits me.

Can anyone help with which kind of rubbers can be better for me? It can be andro or any other brands too.
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