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Hello everyone,
I want to buy my first combo racket and need advice.
If I have to talk about my experience; After playing table tennis regularly for about 2.5 years, I had to quit for about 3 years, and I returned to playing table tennis for the last 1-1.5 years. The racket I am currently using is a pre-made racket and I want to change it because it is worn out and I think it is not enough for me.
My playing style can be called Allround because I can say that I defend and attack equally during the game. I think that a racket with control and spin would be suitable for me so that I do not have any problems while defending.

I did research for combo rackets from 2 different brands and made 2 different rackets as follows:
First racket:
Blade: Andro Novacell All/S
BH Rubber: Andro Rasanter C45
FH Rubber: Andro Rasanter R45

Second racket:
Blade: Xiom Allround S
BH Rubber: Xiom Omega 7 Europe
FH Rubber: Xiom Omega 7 Europe (or another Omega 7 rubber which is for more attack)

Which racket do you think will be more controllable and I won't have any trouble getting used to it? By the way, I think it would be good for me to have less catapult effect, I would appreciate it if you would consider this as well. I tried my friend's combo racket with Calibra Lt Sound rubbers on the Stiga Offensive Classic blade and the catapult effect was too much for me. Which racket do you think would make more sense to buy?
If you have any other suggestions, I would be happy if you write them as an answer.
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