Alternative to the stiga clipper wood and intensity.

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May 2020
To give you some background.

I used to play with the viscaria, but due to the lockdown a few years back I lost all touch with it and decided to switch over to the clipper wood.

For rubbers I use the tenergy 05 on fh and bluestorm z3 on bh.
Will soon switch to goldarc 8 on fh and rakza 7 soft or keep the z3 on bh.
I don't care for rubbers much, since I adapt quickly to them.

I loved the clipper wood, mine is 85 grams, it fit my style perfectly. But it had a completely dead feeling, I couldn't feel the ball and even though I played very good with it, I left it because of how dead it felt. It had great blocking and allowed me to smash the ball with the backhand and counter with the forehand.

To give you an example, I played with the z3 on the clipper and it felt dead from the monet I glued it on, same with the 05. Once I put them on the intensity, they came to life. On the viscaria they felt very similar, just faster and had a bit lower throw.

A friend of mine sold me his intensity nct and I love how it feels, when you play a topspin you can feel the ball dig in to the rubber more than the viscaria and a lot more than the clipper. But even though it feels great and is a bit slower, I lost from control because of the high throw that it has, or high reactiveness. So even though it's slower, it feels faster and less controllable.

Does anyone know of a blade that performs like the clipper, meaning have a medium throw, with decent speed and outstanding control, but has the exceptional feel of the intensity? I also want it to have good vibration so that it enhances feeling.

My coach and teammate recommend me the stiga rosewood nct v. They say it's 5-ply so it'll feel decent, like the intensity, but because it has a stiff outer ply, the rosewood, it keeps a lower throw and good speed.

I'd prefer if the blade was from a reputable company like butterfly or stiga.

Thanks in advance!
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