Any opinions on Andro Synteliac VCI with Rasanter C Rubbers?

Hi Everyone!
I've been playing with A Darker 5p-2a with Victas TDE (fh) and Dignics 80 (bh), but I think something is wrong... I'm 13 yo, I have good Strenght (I'm 1,85m) and I've been using Chinese and Hibrid rubbers. I only had one tensor rubber ever on fh, wich was when I started out ( like 1 year ago) and it was Tibhar EL-S, but didn't like it as it was super fast at the time. I moved on to Rakza Z fh and Tibhar Fxp bh, then I got my blade with Stiga DNA Dragon Grip fh and Rakza XX bh ( yes, two "X"s🤔). Now I'm with TDE (3 layers of Haifu NTl Yellow) fh and D80 bh, but my coach said I shouldn't been using chinese rubber on fh because they're too hard to use and I also have been seeing some weaknesses on the speed, control... I think my blade doesn't give enough feeling and D80 on fh is too fast, but on bh the same happens (I Can't do my explosive missile bh shots because of lack of confidence due to control), but Tde is also really dead on bh and fh. I like the tackiness of tde because it gives me a lot of spin and control in my killer serves and returns. I just saw recently Andro Synteliac VCI with C48 on bh and c53 on fh, but Idk if I should go with that blade, and if the rubbers should be the c53 and c48. I now that harder rubbers are harder to play with, but I don't particularly like soft or medium soft ones as they are mushy for me. But Is it a better idea using VCI with c45 bh? Or even c48 fh? I saw someone saying that c53 plays a litlle bit like tde, but don't have sure. I wanted a faster rubber on fh but maintaining the levels of spin ( tackiness) and on bh i really liked the control of tde (as i've been using it on bh now), but it's really slow and I don't have enough Power to put on my bh strokes mainly because my blade weights way over 200 grams (prob like 210). That's why idk if I should go with c53 or c48 for fh and for bh c45 or c48. But if you guys think it's a good setup for me, then what thickness should they have? My dad says prob like c45 or c48 2.0 bh and c48 or c53 2.0 or max on fh, but idk if I would like 2.0 as I've allways used max on both sides.
Thanks for the help!


Diogo S.