New rubbers on a Yasaka Sweden Extra

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Nov 2020

Although I've been playing on and off for a few years and currently use a Yasaka Sweden Extra with Rakza 7 2mm on both sides, I've not tried may other rubbers.

I've really enjoyed this setup but I'd like to try some new rubbers which will bring a bit more speed without completing losing control.

I've had some coaching and I'd say my style is to push until I can open up on both flanks with top spin on both sides. I do have a habit of taking the ball a touch late rather than early on my fh topspin. Although I know that's a technique thing and I should maybe be taking the ball earlier and at the top of the bounce, until I sort is what it is. I guess that means I prefer something with a higher arc so life the ball a bit more - does that make sense or is it a load of rubbish lol.

One thing I do need to be careful with is blocking fast/heavy top spin shots - I'm not the best at getting in position so I'm thinking I don't want anything that will "trampoline" too much if my bat isn't in the best position (and I get it....that's not so much the rubber as me sorting out my technique!).

Although I'd say overall my technique is good (intermediate) I'm a little wary about getting something too hard/fast to start with.

After all that, I've had a look round and I was thinking along the lines of:

Rasanter R47/R48
fastarc G1
Andro Hexer Powergrip

same as the fh rubbers or maybe something like..
Rasanter R42
Andro Hexer

But...the key thing here is for now I'd like to keep my Yasaka Sweden Extra. Any recommendations or advice would be great because I just can't make my mind up.

I'm in the uk and tend to use tabletennis11 for my kit.

Apologies for the whaffle!
I prefer Rakza 7 before MXP (actually before the entire evolution series) and G1. Haven’t tried the other ones.

If You want a Tibhar rubber I recommend Hybrid MK. It has very little tackiness but tons of grip. Less catapult than Rakza 7.

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Jul 2014
Can you please post your Yasaka Sweden Extra blade picture?

I have old Yasaka Extra blade, but nothing written as Sweden, i think there are two versions of Extra from Yasaka, so i wanted to know if yours is like mine or it is another version.
Old version has blue handle, was also named Gatien Extra I believe. I think they switched the handle style and name to Sweden Extra between 2013-2015
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I'm very happy with G1. I'm also surprised of Tibhar Aurus (classic version) that was suggested to me on this forum. On YSE blade I enjoyed a lot Xiom Vega Europe in case you're looking for a soft rubber. DANDOY is also a good store. When I was in IE, I used to buy on Tees Sports and price apart, service was very good.
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Jan 2024
Another vote for Rakza 7 on both sides, it is what I have on mine. Razka 7 soft for BH is a bit slow on this blade. I upgraded to Viscaria witn Rakza 7 FH and Rakza Z BH, but I keep my YSE as my backup blade (I fear the main blade could broke in a tournament, happened to me years ago) with that configuration.
Rakza Z for the BH is impressive, if you wanna try.