Donic Bluestorm Big Slam / Z3 vs. Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX

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Mar 2023
Hi togehter,

currently I am interested in the Donic Bluestorm Big Slam or Z3 rubbers.
Has anyone tried them yet and is able to give a feedback?

What do you think are the differences to the Andro Hexer Powergrip SFX rubber.
All of them use an 42.5 degree sponge.

I am looking for a new backhand rubber to test. Normally like for "soft feeling" rubbers on BH.
Gameplay: Spin orientated, near the table. Topspin on backspin, a lot of blocking and pushing as well. More Allround backhand play. Spin, blocking and safety are the most important features for me.