Andro Hexer Powergrip vs Hexer Grip vs Donic Bluefire M2

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Mar 2023
Hi everyone,
I am looking for a new forehand rubber for one of my young better players at the club.

He is a talented offensive player (15yo) and has a stronger forehand.
His type of play on the forehand has a focus on:

- Good services focusing on short backspin and pendulum serve
- first very spinny topspin on backspin with a lot of feeling and touch -> good
Placement mostly to white angles or middle
- fast and strong follow up topspin on weaker or higher blocks from opponent
- blocking and also counter loops or hits when opponents Top Spin is weaker

What is not so important:
- pushing, only when services are short from opponent
- defensive strokes from behind
- top speed -> he more likes to play spiny and well placed balls then most powerful ones

Three month ago he changed from a Donic Waldner Senso Carbon Blade to a new Andro Synteliac VCI blade.
He still uses his Tibhar Nimbus rubber on forehand, but because he is developing more and more there’s time for the next step.

What are your thoughts on the three rubbers?
Which one could suit best for this style of play and level? (around 1700US rating).

Because we have best access to Andro and Donic equipment, we will focus on that.

Love to hear your opinions.
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May 2013
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I've played with all 3 rubbers mentioned by OP and would recommend Hexer Grip or M2. Powergrip would be heavier, and less linear than Grip, didn't feel like it was a big improvement over Grip in any particular area. Hexer Grip is a newer generation rubber, while M2 is almost a classic 45 degree rubber by now - wasn't it released like 10 years ago? So final recommendation is HG.