Faster Gold Arc 5 alternatives

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I think, I have seen your similar question in (at least one) another thread. I'd not copy my whole answer from there, but I can add one more rubber suggestion:
Victas V>402 Double Extra: it is marketed as a rubber "for the flexible allrounder". Indeed, not really fast, but I think it is better than DHS GoldArc 5 in a few regards:
- 50 vs. 47.5 deg sponge means a bit more top speed and power absorption ability ~ stability in more intense rallies
- topsheet is somewhat softer, but not too soft - this means increased dwell time for imparting more spin (can be a welcomed attribute when using with a composite blade)
I like this rubber on the forehand, especially when I use pimple out rubber on the backhand. Nevertheless, it is also very good for backhand.
If not this, then I'd try one of the Rakza 7 or Fastarc G-1 from the suggestions, if I were you.