Hartmut Freund (The fighter)

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Jun 2015
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This video shows the German table tennis player Hartmut Freund last week during the Bayreuth Open, a world ranking tournament of ITTF PTT in para sports. Freund was the nr. 21 of the world ranking list in class 11 (intellectual disability) during the tournament – actually he is the nr. 20 – and is believed to be the world's best table tennis player with a severe intellectual disability.

His disability is so severe, that he even does not know the score during the match. Normally, he cannot win against the best players of his class, but he proves to be a great fighter.

The video published on the Facebook fanpage of Hartmut Freund, which shows him against the nr. 1, 2, 6 and 4 of the rating in class 11, has been shared on Facebook already more than 300 times and has been watched by more than 46.000 users all over the world, so far.

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