Help to choose my new blade

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Jun 2023
Good to hear you have good first impression!
Would be nice if you could provide an update in 4-6 weeks or so. Just to rule out NEES (New Equipment Euphoria Syndrom)

Have fun with your new setup and may you win many matches!
I wanted to update my impression since I've played with my current setup (Fzd ALC and D05 on both sides) for almost 3 months. It's the best setup for me. Initially, I found D05 is a bit too fast for my FH coming from H3N but nothing uncontrollable. But still, I think I should've gone for D09C for my FH.
But the verdict is my techniques have improved. I never felt like a too-fast setup. Control is amazing, especially for my BH punches.
I play a little aggressively and it's perfect for me. A few of my beginner colleagues also tried my racket and they didn't find it too fast. And D05 still feels like a new one, with zero signs of wear and tear.