Hexer Grip

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says + Drinkhall Powerspin Carbon with Aurus Prime and Omega...
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Aug 2017
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5 out of 5 rating for Hexer Grip

I just wanted to give this rubber a try as I loved Rasant Grip.

Initial Impressions:
Looping: Tenergy 05 alternative slightly low on speed from mid distance.
Blocks: Less sensitive to incoming spin and can easily make placements on table
Power Loops: Perfect rubber for power loops and backhand openings
Spin: The rubber grabs the ball really well, making it a good weapon for spiny serves.

If you are looking for a controlled spinny rubber to play from close to mid distance, this is the best one available in the market.
If you find MXP - harder and Tenergy 05 difficult to control, but still want that premium grippy feel, this one is for you.
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4 out of 5 rating for Hexer Grip

[FONT=&quot]I've only been playing for 1 1/2 years and am a low intermediate player, so consider that with the review.

I moved to these after playing with the softer Xiom Vega Euro DF rubbers on both sides for 9 months. I like the Euro DF. Soft at 37 degrees, they helped me start to learn how to spin the ball and loop. The Euro DF was too soft and slow for the forehand especially so I wanted to bump up to something harder.

Andro Hexer Grip is harder but not too hard for me at 45 degrees. I got it on Max on both FH and BH. The first day I thought I had made a terrible mistake because they were so bouncy.

But after 3 days, they softened and I'm now finding them to be a great all-around rubber. They work well on every type of stroke. I'm using then on my OFF- OSP Virtuoso.

The main advantage is in the title - The GRIP! It's much easier to do spin on an underspin and side serve now (versus the Euro DF). Looping is good.

AND, it's much easier to do underspin pushes and chops. That grip helps.

They are also excellent at blocking.

Downside: It's not super fast and won't be the most powerful rubber at the club. But that's ok for me now, since i'm still learning how to brush and loop and flick. They're forgiving, which I like. These rubbers are helping me train towards the next level. I will order them again![/FONT]
says Hi, I am a life-long table tennis enthusiast and...
says Hi, I am a life-long table tennis enthusiast and...
Mar 2014
4 out of 5 rating for Hexer Grip

I think the Andro Hexer Grip can be a great FH rubber for intermediate level and/or young topspin-oriented players. More advanced players, using faster arm swing speeds, will likely find the sponge of the Hexer Grip to be a little bit too soft. In my opinion, the Hexer Grip has greater applicability as an BH rubber, due to the prominent catapult effect, which imparts more speed and spin on shots played with medium arm speed. Players of a wide range of skill levels (intermediate to professional) will be able to enjoy the Hexer Grip as a BH rubber. In many respects, the Hexer Grip reminds me of a crispier and grippier version of the Tibhar Evolution EL-S rubber. For the full review, see: https://blog.tabletennis11.com/hexergripandpowergrip.