Hurricane topsheet + Tenergy sponge

says toooooo much choice!!
says toooooo much choice!!
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Jul 2020
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IF Tackiness Drive has the same amount of tackiness it did 40+ years ago, which was good enough to hold the ball for way longer than D09C does now. then all BTY has do do is stick the Tackiness Drive or Chop top sheet onto the spring sponge x . Seams so simple !!! must be a reason why they don't!!!
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May 2014
Good effort.
A tacky t05 would be my dream rubber,nearest I've got is a heavily spinmaxed t05 which has a mild tack but needs constant maintenance between matches.
Any ideas how to make a grippytopsheet tacky?
Spread a little honey or glue on the rubber's surface as in Pongfinity video😂. I'm sure the topsheet wouldn't be grippy but tacky enough
TBH, my old T05 became a bit tacky because it's topsheet was sooo old and worn out.
Where did you get spinmaxed Tenergy?
I treated it myself, many applications to get the slight tack
No ball slip when the humidity is high