Meet TTGPT - Your Advanced Table Tennis Coach and Strategist!

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Nov 2023
Hi guys,

I have created a GPT version that is specialised in modern table tennis: ahah

I'm excited to introduce TTGPT, an innovative AI-driven table tennis coach designed to revolutionize your game. TTGPT specializes in modern table tennis techniques, focusing on the strategies and play styles of the top 100 current players. Whether you're an amateur or a pro, TTGPT is here to elevate your game.

What TTGPT Offers:

  1. Contemporary Coaching: Learn the latest techniques and strategies dominating the world of table tennis.
  2. Personalized Guidance: Tailored advice to suit your playing style and skill level.
  3. In-Depth Analysis: Insights into the play styles of top players, helping you understand and incorporate these strategies.
  4. Equipment Recommendations: Stay updated with the latest gear that suits high-level play.
  5. Psychological Tips: Mental preparation strategies to keep you sharp and focused.
How You Can Use TTGPT:
  • Ask for specific training drills.
  • Inquire about tactics against particular playing styles.
  • Get tips on psychological preparation for tournaments.
  • Seek advice on the best equipment for your playing level.
This is a no-profit and for fun/science project, so give us your feedback!

Your experiences and feedback are vital. Share with us:
  • How you used TTGPT.
  • The impact on your game.
  • Any suggestions for improvement?
TTGPT is more than just a coach; it's a community-driven tool, constantly evolving with your input. So, let's make TTGPT a game-changer together! Try it out and share your journey with us.

Looking forward to seeing your game reach new heights with TTGPT!