Penhold Blade for Shakehand? / Should I switch to Shakehand ?

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Dec 2023

I am playing chinese Penhold right now. I started playing penhold and tt 2 years ago. Especially because of the fun, because I was very fast and quick to always pivot (I think is the ward) and use my forehand and I always gripped the SH blade to hard, so I had some problems with my hand.
But I have adapted to the fast near the table game, in which I cant use the advantages of the cp forehand and I also dont have enough time to pivot all the time. I kind of play like Harimoto, just more bad than he is ^^

I got an injury 2 months ago on my knee, which is limiting at least my mental to pivot and sometimes also my body strength, because I sometimes feel that my knee is still not as strong as before. Thats why I am thinking about switching to Shakehand could be better.
My penhold Backhand improved a lot due to me not being able to move as much as before, but my forehand isnt that what a penhold forehand is supposed to be.
But I am not sure, if I have more potential as a ph or sh player.

But coming to the blade question, I bought the Harimoto IF alc in chinese Penhold just a week before my injury and it was quite expensive (220€). And I dont want to buy a new blade so early on. Can I play shakehand with a that head heavy blade or would you say thats too different from shakehand blade and I should buy a new one before playing shakehand?

What would you guys say?