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Dec 2018
Hello fellow passionate TT players,
I was playing with double inverted before but recently I am trying Medium Pips on my backhand. I started the experiment for fun but after few days really liked it. It is fun to hit through any spin. My blade is Yinhe T11s, FH- Rakza X (2mm) and BH is 563 (1.8mm) from 729. Nice set-up. However, the blade is breaking for no reason and the wood splinters are falling from the blade. Another problem is, I can't do topspin with my FH that much. It goes straight. But TOPSPIN on my FH is my biggest strength. So I dont want to lose that ability. A few of my clubmates tells me about these 3 blades for medium pips,

1. Yasaka Goiabao-5
2. Donic Burn ( off-)
3. Dr.Neubauer Matador Texa

Looking forward for your suggestions. .

My Regular Xiom Hugo Hal doesn't play the medium pips that well compare to Yinhe T11s.

Thanks in Advance.