Composition of Blades

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Wow. This has not been woken up in years.

Wakey, wakey. My VERY old blades are not on Ooak list. So any idea what composition is of these 3 blades? 1. Stiga Mellis with green sticker and nailed handle - my favourite- think this is limba limba, ayous, limba limba? 2. Cor du Buy - no sticker, flared handle with 2 red and black stripes along handle length. 3. Yasaka Hans Alser originally with blue rubber flared handle nailed handle. I cannot seem to find info on 2 or 3. Anyone know? Thanks I am now thinking of getting an up to date blade - Yasaka Sweden Extra - allround plus I believe. But not sure of composition of that either. Any views of comparability to my old blades?

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