Tibhar EL-D vs MX-D and even FX-D

So, I purchased a sheet of MX-D on a whim today. I've been playing with EL-D on my forehand for the last 4 or 5 months. I really like it. I went to the shop today intending to buy a sheet of EL-D and a sheet of FX-D, but they were out of both. The lady at the shop offered me a crazy deal on a sheet of MX-D, so I figured I might as well try it. I've played one session thus far. MX-D is okay, but its a completely different rubber from EL-D. Even though they share the same sponge (in different hardnesses), they feel nothing alike. I did not expect them to be that different. Has anyone else tried all 3 rubbers? What should I expect from a sheet of FX-D? Has anyone changed from EL-D to MX-D? How did it go? I'm ready to throw it out after one session to be honest, but I'll give it a few more days. Any words of encouragement?