Victas ZX-Gear In Vs Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLC

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Apr 2023

I've got a Victas ZX Gear-In (85 g) that I like very much but I'm tempted to try a Butterfly inner with ZLC fibre (I figure it's the closest ZLC innerforce layer to the ZX Gear-In due to the plies used for the composition and the size of the blade too).
Is the "mid-hard" feel of the outer ply similar ?
Are the flared handles close together ? I've never played with a Butterfly blade.
What are the differences in feel between these two blades ?
Is Innerforce Layer ZLC a well-balanced blade ?
Is it also fairly linear with excellent control ?
Can you develop a topspin game with lots of rotation ?
Is the IL ZLC still effective with the plastic ball ? Etc.

Sorry for the flood of questions, but Butterfly woods are so expensive that I'd like to know for sure before I pay.